The Sims 4: First Look at “Unlockable” Lots (SPOILERS)

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❗ Attention: Spoilers ahead. If you do not want to see them, skip this post! 🙂

Attendees during EA’s Gamescom Community Event have given us new information about the Unlockable “Park-like Nieghborhoods”: The Forgotten Grotto, and Crick Cabana. There is one hidden lot in each world.

Forgotten Grotto (Oasis Springs): This lot can be unlocked by breaking open a sealed Mine Shaft in the Desert Bloom Park with Level 10 Handiness.

Photo by: SimTimes


Sylvan Glades (Willow Creek): This lot can be unlocked after viewing a special looking tree multiple times. Eventually you can ask to view its leafs. You then do a text adventure and you can go in if you get it correct. (Crick Cabana is the lot where the tree is located)
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Entrance to Crick Cabana/Sylvan Glade


Crick Cabana/Sylvan Glade