Gamespot: The Sims 4 Hands-On Preview

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Life’s possibilities are endless. By extension, a game series intending to simulate life would also hope to have endless possibilities. The Sims series has attempted to encompass this, spawning four core games and over 50 add-on packs. Despite the accumulation of all this content, it still felt as though there was something missing. The Sims 4 attempts to address this by bringing to the series what EA is calling personality and emotions, which would drive Sim behavior.

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Curious as to what this would entail, I got hands-on with the game for a few hours at a preview event. At first glance, creating a Sim and assigning aspirations was not a dramatic departure from the creation tools of previous Sims games. In fact, I recognized the neat, creative, and perfectionist traits as some of the many returning Sim characteristics.