Community Blog: Top Ten in The Sims 4

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1. Sims with Character – With rich Emotions and quirky personality traits our all new Sims are more expressive than ever. This has a dramatic impact on the choices available to them throughout the game! We’ve said it before but it bears repeating; it’s what’s on the inside that really matters now. Storytelling with The Sims 4 is more powerful, more fun, and more entertaining.
2. So Smart, So Believable – It takes a lot of hard tech to make the little things shine and that’s exactly what you have to look forward to with all kinds of new Sims smarts. Our Sims move about the world more naturally, get into and out of groups smoothly and can even do many things at once! All of that adds up to the Sims behaving more naturally, which makes Sim watching in the Neighborhood just as much fun as playing, and it gives you totally new ways to strategize and maximize your Sims’ days.
3. Streamlined & Smooth – New menus and layouts put life at your fingertips with everything you need to know conveniently available at all times. It’s discrete yet functional – and moved to the edges so you can spend even more time immersed in your Sims’ world. On top of that, with such expressive Sims you can get a ton of information just looking at their faces and body movements!
4. Exploration Galore – Want to move to another world without starting a new game? Well, now you can! Take your Sims back and forth; live in one world, visit the gym in another, pursue relationships across multiple Neighborhoods, explore for collectibles and secret locations. The world is your oyster.
5. Create Anyone – In Create A Sim, using direct manipulation gives you easy, all over control to make whomever you can imagine, from original Sims to simified versions of real-life people. With more support for ethnicities and body shapes than ever, there really is no limit to who you can create.
6. Fashionista Made Easy – CAS Styled Looks give you the ability to easily try complete fashions on your Sims, including outfits, accessories, and make up – with just one click. It’s like shopping from a catalogue, but you don’t have to wait for the mailman.
7. Move In Ready – The All new Build Mode in The Sims 4 features Drag and Drop building with both furnished and unfurnished rooms which allows you to create great looking homes quickly. You can see just how easy it is in this video from a Twitch broadcast two of our SimGurus did last week.
8. Build Quick, Build Details – The push and pull approach to building allows you to easily tweak and tune your homes to get the exact sizes, shapes, and architecture that you’re looking for. Once your basic layout has been established there are a myriad of tools to really dive deeply into – everything from fences or decks to spandrels and friezes!
9. Sharing is Caring – Accessible from directly in the game, the all new Gallery empowers you to both exchange and download content with other players throughout the world. Instantly add Sims, entire houses, or even individual rooms directly to your game without skipping a beat. These Sims even come with their complete personalities – a great way to spice up your game.
10. Make it Your Own – The Gallery also offer a showcase for the astounding creations our community comes up with. The ways in which our Simmers make content are truly endless and inspiring. Even if you don’t want to venture into the world of custom content that’s OK – it’s there for you to browse.

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