Gone With The Sims – An Original Modern Soap Opera!

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What happens when Electronic Arts and The Sims team up with MediaCom Beyond Advertising, TED@MediaCom and TheWagon.TV (a comedy company who are known to work with British comedian Jack Whitehall)? Well, you get “Gone With The Sims” – an all new and original social media sitcom portraying the very interesting lives of 4 Sims as they go about their daily lives in a tongue-in-cheek way. This social media event is unfolding on Twitter and Tumbler over the next two weeks with Day Two already over!

Day One saw Lavinia Sim move in to Willow Creek and get they full 5 star treatment from the local gossip mag “Sul Sul!” (not to be confused with a British gossip mag called Hello!). The local men Melkon Van Sim and Roi Roisin argued amongst themselves about mens jewelery and Jinx had an unfortunate accident while out and about in Oasis Springs. Local resident Don Lothario also made a “guest appearance” by welcoming the new Sim to an exclusive party – men were not invited it seems.


Be sure to follow these five accounts on Twitter to watch the drama unfold in real-time. Or, if you would prefer an easy to read summary of the daily events and tweets, check out the Gone With The Sims Tumbler account. There is also a Twitter Group with the accounts in one place for an easy read. There are certainly has a few chuckles in them!