Guide: The Sims 4 Mischief Skill

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Mischief is a social Skill that unlocks brand new mischievous interactions and the Voodoo Doll, and is required in order to join the Criminal and Secret Agent careers.

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Learning the Mischief Skill

All Sims have default Mischief interactions from the start. Once you use any of those interactions, your Sim will automatically advance to level 1 of the Mischief Skill. Sims can also learn this skill by reading the Mischief Skill Book, or by using the Voodoo Doll.
As your Sims continue to use mischievous interactions, they will gradually raise their Mischief Skill. The easiest way to level up your Sim’s Mischief Skill is by using the “trolling teh forums” interaction on a computer once they reach Level 2.


❗ Sims with the Evil trait will automatically have the option to “troll teh forums”.

The following interactions and actions are available when leveling up in the Mischief Skill:

Level 1 Mischief Skill

  • Social Interactions:
    • Give Fake Bad News
    • Invite to Fake Party
    • Lie About Career
    • Start Preposterous Rumor
    • Scare
  • Sim Actions:
    • Trick with Hand Buzzer
    • “Poke” and “Frolic” using the Voodoo Doll


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Level 2 Mischief Skill

  • Social Interactions:
    • Claim to be a Criminal Mastermind
    • Instill with Fake Confidence
  • Sim Actions:
    • “Troll teh Forums” on the Computer or Tablet


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Level 3 Mischief Skill

  • Social Interactions:
    • Ask Due Date to Sims that are not pregnant
    • Make Prank Calls
  • Sim Actions:
    • Dare Sims to Streak (Requires at least 50% on the Friendship panel)
    • Kick over Trash Cans
    • Stomp in Puddles
    • Purchase Voodoo Dolls on the Computer
    • “Tickle” using the Voodoo Doll


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Level 4 Mischief Skill

  • Social Interactions:
    • Share Conspiracy Theory
    • Use Computer to Send Chain Letters
  • Sim Actions:
    • Become Partners in Crime with Other Sims (Requires at least 50% Friendship level)
    • Use Observatory to Spy on Neighbors


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Level 5 Mischief Skill

  • Social Interactions:
    • Noxious Cloud
  • Sim Actions:
    • Clog Drain on Sinks on non-active lots
    • Clog Drain on Tubs on non-active lots
    • “Soak” using the Voodoo Doll


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Level 6 Mischief Skill

  • Social Interactions:
    • Use Phone to Play Hooky


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Level 7 Mischief Skill

  • Social Interactions:
    • Describe Apocalypse


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Level 8 Mischief Skill

  • Social Interactions:
    • Use Computer to Send Spam Money Requests (Active Sim can receive free money)
  • Sim Actions:
    • Stuff Fruit in Exhaust Port of a Rocketship (Requires fruit or vegetable in Sim Inventory)


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Level 9 Mischief Skill

  • Sim Actions:
    • Perform “Slap ’em Silly” on other Sims


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Level 10 Mischief Skill

  • Sim Actions:
    • Perform “Air Horn” on other Sims


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Although pulling pranks on other Sims is a fun way to pass the day, not all pranks are successful. Target Sims with a high Mischief or Logic Skill are able to “stop” the prank your Sim is trying to pull, causing it to backfire.

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Slap ’em Silly and Air Horn fail