Guide: Woohoo Spots in The Sims 4

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To unlock the “Woohoo” interaction, Sims must have a high enough romantic relationship. In The Sims 4, your Sims can Woohoo in any of the following places: The Bed, The Rocketship, or The Observatory.

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Romantic Relationships and Woohoo

Unless you start off with a pre-made couple in CAS, your Sims will have to establish a romantic relationship with another Sim. You can use “Romantic” socials on other Sims, or ask them out for a “date”. After plenty of flirtatious interactions, your Sims will be on the way to “Woohoo” in no time.


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Sims must raise their romantic relationship to at least 30% before they unlock the option to “Woohoo”. Once they reach this level, they can enjoy some fun in bed, in the rocketship, or in the observatory.

❗ Sims who have minor scuffles with each other can “Apologize in Bed”

❗ Sims who Woohoo in the Rocketship will unlock the “50-mile High Club” Achievement

Woohoo is not always satisfying either. The Sims 4 includes different levels of Woohoo satisfaction, and they range from “Pleasantly Satisfied” to “Mediocre”. Special moodlets included!