The Sims 4 Collections & Collectibles List

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I have put up pages with all 13 collections and collectibles. Please note that I am still working on the “Mini Guide” and “How/Where To Find” portions of 5 of these lists, as well as some of the related skills.
Quick note: I spawned a many of the collectibles in order to create the lists. There are some things not working in game and some items you will not be able to collect. I’ve been reporting my findings to the Gurus to help them quickly pin point the issues, so hopefully they are fixed soon.

• The Space Rocks Collection isn’t awarding the collection plaque
• Plaintains are a collectible, but not part of the gardening collection set




The Sims 4 Collectibles List

Frogs Frogs
Plants Gardening
MySims MySims Trophies
Crystals Crystals
Metals Metals
Elements Elements
Postcards Postcards
Fossils Fossils
Prints Microscope Prints
Spaceprints30 Space Prints
Aliens Aliens
SpaceRocks Space Rocks
Fish Fish Types