Things Simmers Say That Should Never Be Said in Public

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Ever catch yourself saying something crazy about your experience in The Sims that you probably should have kept to yourself? Don’t worry, you’re not alone! Over on The Sims 4 forums, Brainybee has started a “Things Simmers Say That Should Never Be Said in Public” thread, and there’s plenty of folks like you and me. 😉

• I hope the next baby is a girl, I’m running out of room in the garden to bury all the boys. – ayeden


• I accidentally divorced my wife – mikmaker

• I really need to bulldoze my neighbor’s house – mikmaker

• I keep hugging her, but she won’t leave her husband. I might have to kill him. – zOmBiEcLoWn

• I can’t wait to start my criminal career. – adayinthelife942

• We have ghosts now? Time for a killing spree! – ladybreid

• I just need 3 more friends and then I can get a job promotion! – robinsonfam

• I accidentally deleted the baby – cauliflowers

• I met the most beautiful girl yesterday. Now we’re married and have 2 kids together. – munchie885


Image: Imgur