Things Simmers Say That Should Never Be Said in Public


Ever catch yourself saying something crazy about your experience in The Sims that you probably should have kept to yourself? Don’t worry, you’re not alone! Over on The Sims 4 forums, Brainybee has started a “Things Simmers Say That Should Never Be Said in Public” thread, and there’s plenty of folks like you and me. 😉

• I hope the next baby is a girl, I’m running out of room in the garden to bury all the boys. – ayeden

• I accidentally divorced my wife – mikmaker

• I really need to bulldoze my neighbor’s house – mikmaker

• I keep hugging her, but she won’t leave her husband. I might have to kill him. – zOmBiEcLoWn

• I can’t wait to start my criminal career. – adayinthelife942

• We have ghosts now? Time for a killing spree! – ladybreid

• I just need 3 more friends and then I can get a job promotion! – robinsonfam

• I accidentally deleted the baby – cauliflowers

• I met the most beautiful girl yesterday. Now we’re married and have 2 kids together. – munchie885


Image: Imgur