Everything There Is To Know About Pools in The Sims 4

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SimsVIP was invited to an official EA Twitch presentation, where SimGuruGraham and SimGuruSteph gave us a first look at Pools in The Sims 4. Below is everything we learned about pools during the one hour event.


Swimwear Outfit Tab/Filter – You will now be able to select swimsuits as part of creating a Sim in CAS, and filter any additional CAS clothing that works best as swimwear.



No Clothing Restrictions – You are not restricted to swimwear only. Select any type of clothing for your Sims to wear at the pool. SimGuruGraham’s favorite swimsuit is the Hot Dog Costume.


Styled Looks – Swimwear has also received its very own Styled Looks for each age group. Styled Looks allow you to quickly and easily add an outfit to your Sims.


Face Paint: Sunscreen Lines – Two new face paint accessories in the form of sunscreen lines. One of them looks like this, and the other has a line solely on the nose.



Swimsuit Count – There are brand new clothing options available for Sims of all ages. And yes, you can mix and match bikini tops and bottoms. Clothing seen during the stream is as follows:

  • Female Adults – 3 Full Body Swimsuits, 3 Bikini Tops, 3 Bikini Bottoms
  • Female Children – 2 Full Body Swimsuits
  • Male Adults – 2 Pairs of Swim Shorts, 1 Speedo
  • Male Children – 2 Pairs of Swim Shorts


TS4_Pools_Twitch_Exclusive_48201 (3)


Build Mode

Build Mode Icon – The Pool Tool Icon has been added to the build mode panel for easy access.


Pool Types – The following five pool types are available:

  • Standard Pool Tool
  • Triangle Pool Tool
  • Square Pool Tool
  • Square Diagonal Pool Tool
  • Octagonal Pool Tool

Indoor/Outdoor Pools – Pools can be built indoors or outdoors. You can literally build a pool right in the middle of your bedroom if you’d like!



Tug, Pull, Merge, and Move – Pools in The Sims 4 are just like “Rooms” in the sense that you can use the “tug and pull” method to increase and decrease the size and shape of the pool. Regardless of what type of pool shape you create, you have the ability to move the pool around your lot as a whole. You can also merge different pool shapes together, creating unique pool shapes.


In Ground/Above Ground/Rooftop Pools – Build pools directly into the ground outdoors or on any level of your home. Rooftops included. You can also use any of the pool tools to build an above ground pool. This is done by drawing a wall outdoors, adding the adjacent pool shape, and then deleting the wall. For Sims to actually use an above ground pool, you will need to add stairs.


Foundation/Deck Pools – This type of setup requires a foundation under your home, only if you don’t use the above ground method mentioned above. If you use the above ground method, then the game will not auto-place foundations to the home. However, if you do want a foundation under your home, you can choose whether or not you want a foundation under the pool. It is completely optional.



Islands – Press Ctrl while using the Pool Tool to delete/carve any area of the pool. This also allows you to carve out sections in the center of a pool to create an island of land.


Windows – You can add windows to pools and adjust their placement just like you would on a room. Placing windows is only possible on pools built above ground level.


Fence/Walls – Fences and Walls can be placed directly on the edge of a pool, and can extend beyond the pool’s edge.



Depth Levels – Similar to how you adjust wall heights in the game, you can choose any of the 3 available pool depth levels.


Pool Edges – Unlike fountains, you will not be able to change the default edges of a pool. This is due to the fact that added gameplay allows Sims to sit on the edges of pools.


Wall and Floor Patterns – In addition to some brand new wall and floor coverings coming with the update, you can also use any wall and floor coverings already available in the game.



Buy Mode



Lily Pads – Not a new addition, but they can be added to the surface of a pool


Ladder – Can be used on all pool types including Diagonal ones.


Wall & Floor Lights – You can use both free and vertical placement with pool lights, and change their color and density. The new lights can also be placed in your home, and work just like any other lights in the game.


Pool/Fountain Mosaics – You will find brand new Greek Key and Turtle Mosaics for the walls and floors of your pools and fountains.


Pool Gnome – There is a brand new female pool gnome added to the game.



No pool activities or games.


No new Social Events


Swimming – Sims can use the “Swim Here” and “Swim Laps” options to enter the pool. The Swim Here option sends Sims to a specific location in the pool, and the Swim Laps option sends Sims swimming back and forth in the pool for an extended amount of time.



Entering/Exiting the Pool – Sims can “Jump” into the pool, “Climb out” of the pool, and also use the ladder to enter and exit the pool. Skill level doesn’t determine how they swim or enter the pool.


Pool Edge Interactions – Sims have the option to sit on the edge of a pool and socialize with their legs in the water. Sims on the edge can do pretty much anything they can do while sitting on a couch (massage, kiss etc).


Group Socialization – Sims can maintain group discussions in a pool just like they would anywhere else. However, they cannot use any multitasking interactions like holding drinks and swimming.



Pool Interactions – Aside from swimming, Sims can also use the “Splash” interaction. Splashing is available between two Sims in the pool together, or between two Sims inside and on the edge of a pool. One Sim must be inside the water to splash edge sitting Sim.


Learning to Swim – Adult and Child Sims can use the “Coach Swimming” and “Learn to Swim” interactions while in the pool. Teen/Adult Sims will increase their Fitness Skill when swimming, and Children will increase their Motor Skill. There is no hidden swimming skill.


Peeing in the Pool – When a Sim’s bladder is low enough to make them uncomfortable, a new self-interaction is available called “Pee in Pool”. This allows a Sim to empty their bladder in the pool while swimming. The water beneath them becomes cloudy, and they receive the “Secretly Relieved” moodlet.



Emotional Interactions – Sims who enter certain emotional states will unlock special emotional swim interactions. The following three were shown off during the event:

    • Swim Angry Laps
    • Swim Sadly
    • Swim Around Playfully




Death by Drowning & New Ghost

Drowning Sims – Both Children and Adults can drown in a pool. To drown them with no effort at all, build a wall or fence around the edge of the pool. Once their bladder and energy motives are too low, they will sink to the bottom of the pool and die.


Ghosts – The ghost of a drowned Sim is blue in color, and leaves behind puddles of water when walking around. Additionally, these ghosts receive the uncomfortable moodlet when they interact with water. (Pools, Showers, etc)