The Sims 4: Advertising & Design by Hamagami/Carroll Inc.

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Hamagami/Carroll Inc. has now added The Sims 4 to their company’s portfolio. This company is responsible for branding and designing the packaging system for The Sims 4, and below is a summary of their work.

We worked with Electronic Arts to create a brand and packaging system for their highly-anticipated life simulation game, The Sims 4. The challenge was to communicate the “Smarter Sims” by depicting their new emotions, multi-tasking skills and unique personalities, in all visual communications.
Separating ourselves from The Sims 3 look and feel, our packaging system adopted a clean white space to showcase the colorful and distinctly different Sims. Our work included key art, 3D Sim renders, Collector’s and Premium Edition packaging, magazine cover, E3 booth, brand style guide, The Sims 4 brand line look and more! We’re thrilled to have brought these weirder stories to life.



WB_TS4_4 WB_TS4_6 WB_TS4_2 WB_TS4_3 WB_TS4_7 WB_TS4_5 WB_TS4_1 WB_TS4_8

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