The Sims 4: Mod Releases of the Week

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Each week we compile a list of mods that have been released to help make your gaming experience more pleasant and unique. Be sure to use The Sims 4 Mods Category Tag for future reference.

❗ Please note that installing 3rd party content may cause problems with your game. It is a good idea to properly research the use of mods and custom content before putting them into your game.
❗ While EA unofficially supports the modding community, they will not be held liable should any 3rd party content damage your PC or game. 
❗ This list is here for informational purposes only. SimsVIP does not assume any liability should 3rd party content damage your PC or game. 
❗ Always remember to remove mods and custom content before updating your game


Computer Whiz Aspiration FixRemoves the objectives for career level completely from the Computer Whiz Aspiration to avoid an issue

All Beds Same Energy & Comfort – Alters all double and single beds in the game to give the same energy and comfort as the most expensive beds, the fastest energy gain and best comfort gain

Keep Books After Publishing – Sims keep a copy of books after being published


Emotions Don’t KillRemoves Emotional death in The Sims 4

Mr. SkeletoAdds new Skin effect to the game

Servo From The Sims 2 – Adds The Sims 2’s Servo to The Sims 4


Sims 4 Custom Content TrackerLists the .package files you used for a certain Sim.