The Sims 4: Media Ads by Lauren Celok

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Via Lauren Celok

A1. This is an interactive rich media ad for The Sims 4. While inactive, Sophia, will glance back and forth between Andre and Ollie waiting for the user to choose a Sim to interact with. Concentric circles radiate from each portrait indicating they can be clicked on. When a portrait is hovered over a list of traits for that Sim will appear below his portrait and his name will turn green.


A2. When a Sim’s portrait is clicked the ad will flexibly expand across the browser window. The unselected portrait will move off-screen and the background will dim while the selected portrait will enlarge revealing the next interactive scene. The woman’s eyes will follow the selected portrait as it moves.



A3. The user is transported to a scene of Sophia interacting with the chosen Sim. In the background a narrator details The Sims 4’s newest feature: Sims now have emotions. The user is then prompted to choose an interaction with the Sim which will facilitate an emotional response.


A4. Based on the user’s choice, a video will play showing the outcome of the user’s choice—Poor Ollie.


A5. When the mini-game finishes, the user is shown a call to action screen to pre-order The Sims 4 or to replay the ad. The ad can be collapsed at any time by pressing the close button.


B1. Similar to the desktop version, the Sims in the mobile version of this ad will glance back and forth at each other and around the page.


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B2. The ad is activated by swiping down and can be closed by swiping up or pressing the close button. Circles radiate from each Sim on the left, indicating they can be tapped

Dwm 2015-01-22 16-50-47-77

B3. When tapped, the selected Sim moves and the unselected Sim fades off screen. Based on the user’s choice an interactive video is loaded and the screen changes to landscape orientation.

Dwm 2015-01-22 16-50-49-57

B4. Similar to the desktop version, Sophia can now choose how she will respond to Ollie. The mobile version of this ad has larger buttons and fonts for better visibility.


Dwm 2015-01-22 16-50-56-07 Dwm 2015-01-22 16-50-56-071

B5. The end of the interactive video prompts the user to pre-order The Sims 4 or to replay the ad. If no action is taken after five seconds the ad collapses back to its original state.

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