The Sims 4: PC Gamer Interviews Lyndsay Pearson

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As of today, it’s been 15 years since we first became puppetmasters to The Sims. They’ve cried, they’ve loved, and all too often they’ve been locked in a dark room with nothing but a faulty oven for company. The Sims have evolved alongside us, getting cellphones and tattoos, turning into bloodthirsty creatures of the night, and developing a fetish for woohooing in elevators.

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With The Sims 4, EA took the game back to basics, a move that disappointed some but, says senior producer Lyndsay Pearson, is all about building a strong foundation for The Sims’ future. The first step? A brand new expansion The Sims 4 Get to Work, which will be released in April. We spoke to her about that, and 15 years in which The Sims have played host to all sorts of strangeness.