The Sims 4 Get To Work: Q&A w/SimGuruDave

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Q: With the introduction of Hospitals we see Illnesses make a return, Can our Sims catch these diseases? 

A: Sims don’t have to be working in the Doctor career to see illness symptoms. Any Sim can catch an illness; mainly, this is done through physical interactions with other Sims. You will be able to see if your Sim is ill by different buffs they get and by how they look in the game.


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Q: Sims can now Deliver Babies, Does this mean Sims around Town will Start having children?

A: As Sims progress through the Doctor career, they will unlock the ability to see pregnant patients and deliver their babies. The Hospital does spawn NPC pregnant Sims as well, so you’ll see them walking around in the game. As a player, if your Sim is pregnant and ready to give birth, you’ll need to select the interaction to give birth at the Hospital.