SimsVIP is Heading to EA Redwood Shores!

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simsvip going to redwood smaller

If you were wondering what the countdown to the side of the site was for, the wait is over! EA and The Sims Studio have invited SimsVIP to a Sims 4 Get To Work Preview Event at EA’s Redwood Shores studio!
The event takes place on Wednesday, March 11th, and SimsVIP will be hands-on with The Sims 4’s first expansion pack, Get To Work. During the day-long event I will absorb as much of the game as possible. I have also set some time aside for an interview with a SimGuru.

The Embargo for this event ends March 13th, 2015 at 9am Pacific ❗

I will bring back as much information on the game as possible, but this time I want your help. With new careers and business gameplay being the main focus of this expansion, I want to bring back information that YOU want most. From the options below, select 1 of the 4 major gameplay features you want me to spend the most time focusing on. Additionally, feel free to leave questions and I will try to get them answered if possible.

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