The Sims 4 Get To Work: Twitter Q&A w/SimGuruGraham

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Hey CLP, the photo studio isn’t one of the three stores coming in Magnolia Promenade. I’m sure there will be some on the Gallery you can grab to add to your neighborhood though.

No. A few considerations went into this… We wanted to avoid memory/save file bloat that comes with storing a bunch of objects in Sim inventories of all the Sims around the world, we also didn’t want you to switch to another household and find them broke due to shopping at your stores – or to run into the inverse and have them be unable to buy anything at your store due to being broke. On a side note – adjusting that should be a simple flip of a switch for a modder if they want to enable it play around with it 🙂 What we do persist is the money your households make while you’re not playing them… for example; if you go and shop at a store that another household owns, when you switch back to playing that household that owns that store, they will have actually made that money.

Stores won’t be a passive way to make money without actually being there and managing them. On the flip side, nothing decays and there are no ongoing bills, maintenance costs, salaries to pay, etc, while you’re not at your store. It’s simply there for you at any time when you want to play with it, with no drawbacks when you want to focus your time elsewhere.