The Sims 4: Patch Issues & Troubleshooting

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Forum moderator DerMonarch has posted up a thread for those of you experiencing some of the more common problems with the game. If you are still unable to resolve your issues, be sure to contact EA Support.

The most recent Sims 4 Patch stirred up a lot of questions about issues with patching and starting the game. I tried to help with most of those questions that were posted in the comments under the patch notes until I decided to start this thread, so I would only need to link back to here. So, if you’ve encountered issues with getting Sims 4 to work after patching your game, just keep reading. I might be able to help you…
First things first: The Golden Rule!


BEFORE patching Sims 4, remove ALL mods and CC that you have installed from your game to make sure that they can’t interfere with the patch! After installing the patch, test the game WITHOUT your mods, so you know whether Sims 4 itself works or not! NEVER test the game with your mods and CC installed!

Now, let’s continue with the most common issues people encounter after patching. If your problem is not listed here, I would appreciate if you could leave me a detailed description of your issue in this thread, so I can add it to the list.
Keep in mind, the solutions below assume you followed the Golden Rule! If you didn’t, skip directly to the end of the list and read the last issue before searching for your specific problem.