Site News: New Disqus Commenting System (Info & Help)

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We have officially launched the brand new Disqus Commenting System on This new system has been put in place to improve the overall performance of the website, and to give users a better way to interact with each other. To continue discussions on SimsVIP, you will need to do one of the following:


    NOTE: Comments posted prior to the migration period may take up to 24 hours to display.


  • Create a Disqus Account
  • Use an Existing Disqus Account
  • Sign in Using Social Media
  • Comment as a Guest 
    If you have a registered account, it is no longer valid for commenting. You can, however, continue to use the account to manage your SimsVIP WordPress profile.

To help you understand the basics of Disqus it would behoove you to read Disqus’ New User Guide, Commenting FAQ, as well as a number of other articles to get you familiar with how the system works.
Additionally, I highly recommend that Disqus users visit their Profile Settings to manage email notifications and other user settings like avatars. Your preferences can only be managed through your Disqus account.


What’s New?

The new system has allowed us to give you some shiny new features that make for a more interesting discussion. Please click the links below to learn more about each feature.

Flagging should only be used to report unrelated content like spam, and flagging users who are using vulgar/abusive language. Flagging is NOT a means to disagree with another comment.

At SimsVIP we encourage a civil discussion among all members of the site, and that means that sometimes you will not agree with other users. Anyone who abuses the flagging/report option for the purposes of disliking a comment will be permanently banned.

Should you have any questions, or be in need of help, feel free to comment below, or contact us via email. We want to ensure all active readers are met with the best possible support during this migration period.