SimsVIP Series: “Getting Work Done With Sims” Part 2

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Ah, can you smell that? It looks like a new chapter in my “Get To Work” series is ready for the viewing public! New employees, bad employees, and even a new potential friend await in this next installment of “Getting Work Done With Sims”. Are you guys ready to continue following dear Lexi through the trials and tribulations of running her own bakery? I sure am! If not, and/or you have absolutely no idea what I’m even talking about, feel free to check out the first part of our story, Getting Work Done With Sims! If you’re all caught up, then let’s not waste any more time, shall we? Let’s see what Lexi’s up to…

When we last left Lexi, she was completely drained from her first day of running her very own bakery. I guess her rendezvous from the night before, telling everyone and their llama about her new bakery, really left a lasting impression on the locals, and they were quite a force to be reckoned with. Seeing as the poor girl was struggling to help everyone as fast as possible, I decide to hire some help. Her profits from the bakery would more than cover the wages of even the priciest employee, which by the way is a whopping §40 an hour. I hadn’t had a good look at who I actually hired, since all I really paid attention to were the stats below their picture, but that’s no big deal. I mean really, it’s the stats that count, right?
Lexi restocking her bakery

When Lexi wakes up for the day (after letting her sleep in of course, she deserved it), I make sure all her needs are met, everything is restocked, and all of the displays are clean and pristine. Once that is taken care of, I decide to add something new to the menu, something Lexi learned as she developed her baking skill…bread! Her first loaf only comes out as “okay”, but that’s okay! (ha!) Practice makes perfect, especially when it comes to baking. I’d love to meet the person who’s made a perfect loaf of bread on their first try. They must be some sort of wizard or something. Well, Lexi’s first loaf will be more than sufficient for now, so I put it in one of the display cases and set it for sale. Now we’re ready to open the store!
As I mentioned before, I hired someone to help Lexi out in the bakery, and I picked one of the best the roster had, so as you can imagine, my expectations are high. As the first couple of customers start trickling in, I am on the lookout for this new worker, and lo and behold, I spot him. Sporting a bright pink shirt and a curly red mop of hair, the new addition walks his way into the store, looking prepped and ready to take on anything. I have Lexi walk over to introduce herself and to learn a bit about him, and this is where I finally learn his name…
Ladies and Gents…
…meet Goopy Higa. …Wow.
Goopy Higa....lovely.

Now right off the bat, I feel horrible for this guy. What kind of parent names their child GOOPY? It’s like the real-world equivalent of naming someone Alfredo, except much, much more ridiculous and not even remotely capable of making sense. I’m just going to assume that his mother was very hungry for Goopy Carbonara when he was born and leave it at that. Sound good? Good.
Goofy names aside, I have Lexi spend a moment getting to know him, if nothing else than to have a foundation to build upon later. Afterwards, I assign Goopy the task of answering customer questions while Lexi takes care of a couple needs. When she returns, I see some are intrigued by the selections of the bakery, and I decide to set Lexi upon them to watch how she fares. Since they’re already interested, she ends up getting new interactions with them, like ‘suggesting options’ and ‘enthusing about the store’.
Lexi, so enthused!

Everything seems to be going well for Lexi right now. Goopy is doing his job, converting customers that were merely “Just Window Shopping” to potential buyers. As he continues his work, I have Lexi ring up the customers that have decided to take the plunge and buy her delicious treats, afterwards restocking said treats and occasionally cleaning the counters and displays. I reach a comfortable pace with the whole process and start to get lost in the system of it all, until I look at the game clock and suddenly realize I’ve had the store open for over twelve hours! Then, as if by clockwork, I see a notification from Goopy that says he feels he’s been working too long today, and would like to go home soon. Heh, sorry buddy, I completely lost track of time. Shortly after that, the last customer is rung up, and I hurry up to close the store. Once again, the stragglers that hung around promptly leave, and Goopy leaves with a slightly annoyed look on his face. Nothing a little rest and food won’t fix, I’m sure. After all is said and done, and Goopy’s wages are taken from the profits, Lexi is still well into the green, once again averaging about §600 or so. Considering she wasn’t nearly as stressed as she was yesterday, I call the second day of business officially a success, and I send a happy Lexi to bed to prepare for the next day.
The third day of business is upon us, and when Lexi wakes up she instantly has a “cheerful” moodlet from her respective trait. This is already shaping up to be a great day, if you ask me! Most of the prep work for the store is already done from the night before, so after her needs are met, I have her bake some more bread, this time of the wheat variety. It receives the “Good” quality, which is more than fine by me, and I set it in the display to sell. Seeing as there’s nothing more to prepare, I decide to open the store, and within a minute customers (and Goopy) come rushing in, ready to spend their hard earned simoleons on goodies that will be consumed within the hour.
Business goes on as usual, ringing, restocking, cleaning, etc., until I start to notice a lot of customers that haven’t been helped late in the day. This is usually Goopy’s area, so I start watching him to see what he’s doing. I quickly find out what the problem is.

Instead of helping customers, he’s taking pictures with them and socializing. None of their “customer interest” bars are going up, and any new customers are being ignored by him. I can’t let this slide, so I decide to see what “Check Up On Goopy” does. The notification simply tells me that he feels he’s doing alright, and that he doesn’t need any help. That tells me nothing, so I decide to try a different approach. Since Lexi’s bakery has done so much in terms of sales, restocking, cleaning, etc., I have a good amount of Retail Perk Points, and for 350 of them, I can get another employee for my team. Well, since Goopy is slacking I go for it and redeem the reward. I immediately start looking for new employees. I once again look at the best the roster has to offer, and…
Ah, love the choices...

Ah, love the choices...


I’m sorry, I know her stats are alright, but I already have an odd-named employee here. I don’t feel like adding Weenie-head Copeland to the list. Plus, look at that work ethic bar! It’s non-existent! She may have the best stats in the other departments, but if she has no drive to do anything, then that means nothing to me!
Seeing as I was thoroughly turned off from hiring anyone new (even though I see now there were other worthy candidates on that list), I decide to hold off on new employees for the time being. Lexi would just have to make do.
…or perhaps not. Less than two minutes after I decide to wait on a new employee, I see a woman walk in, and I catch her name…Yvonne Higa. Oy vey.
Now Steph, give Yvonne a chance!, I tell myself. She may actually be a legitimate customer wanting to purchase some sweets, perhaps even a coffeema-
Goopy flirting on the job

Okay Goopy, I understand you two are married and in love, but please wait to show your affections till AFTER the store closes! I mean look at those dirty counters and empty shelves! At least be professional about it, man!
Poor Lexi...poor Bagel...bad Goopy

Immediately afterwards, almost like a direct kick in the face, Goopy goes over to the fridge and takes the sole bagel I had set aside for Lexi to eat after her work day. He starts chowing down as he converses with the customers, not even attempting to persuade them into buying anything. I decide enough is enough, and I go back to the employee roster to see who I can hire. The lineup is a bit different than from a few moments before, so I go over and see who I have to work with, who I can hire without breaking the bank, especially with the risk that they may do the exact same thing as Goopy is doing. I decide on an elder named Tate Tillman. Semi-decent stats as far as I can see, and for about §24 an hour, I can swing that. He’s hired! Shortly after that, the day gets pretty late, and after a few last minute customers to ring up, I close up for the day, sending everyone home. I won’t be able to see how Tate handles working at the bakery until tomorrow, so I prepare for the next morning and send Lexi off to bed.
Understandably, I’m cautious about this next day, as I’m worried that Tate will end up doing the same as our beloved Goopy. However, with as much optimism as I can muster, I get Lexi ready for her day, store’s needs, her needs, the usual. I then open the store and await the new arrival.
Tate, the new (new) employee!

Eventually Tate shows up, and all is well for the first minute or so. Goopy even cleans up Lexi’s plate from breakfast that I completely forgot about, which is nice, but it feels too much like he’s trying to get in Lexi’s good graces for me to feel any true appreciation. I have Lexi go to repair a broken sink in one of the bathroom as I assign them their tasks (Tate answering questions and Goopy ringing), and I follow her to make sure she gets it all done. When her work is finished and I return back to the bakery floor, I notice there are a couple of customers all alone. They’re waiting to be rung up and neither employee is in sight. Confused, I start searching the entire property for them, stumped as to how they could’ve vanished so quickly. That’s when I remember……the basement. I go down to see if my assumptions are correct, and…

Okay, THAT’S IT!!
Lexi finally having enough

At this point, I am livid. The man had the nerve to sleep in Lexi’s own bed…under the covers! I mean seriously, that’s just not right. I have Lexi criticize Goopy, and that causes them to be on sour terms by the looks of things. Tate isn’t in as much trouble in my book, since he only slept on the couch, not to mention he’s an elder, and elders always need to sleep more often. Goopy gets no free passes though, so he the one who gets yelled at. (*sigh*…and he came so highly recommended.) After this, Lexi becomes Tense, both from her Ambitious trait and all the chaos happening with her two unruly workers. I can clearly see that things aren’t going to get any better for now, so for Lexi’s sake, I close the bakery for the day and send everyone home. The poor girl needs to have some fun, so I decide to have her explore Magnolia Promenade a little more.
Lexi and her Retail Therapy

Right next door to her charming little bakery is a clothing and furniture store, which looked cute, so I start to have Lexi go in. When she suddenly stops, however, I wonder why. I look around and see nothing obstructing her path, but soon I notice one of the workers, and it all ends up making some sort of sense.
The return of Ms. Copeland

Don’t recognize her, do you? Well apparently Lexi does, as noticed by the expression on her face. Perhaps if this certain worker had a hot dog for a head? Yep. It’s Weenie-head Copeland, albeit a more toned down version, but nonetheless it’s her. I guess after Lexi turned her down for the bakery, Ms. Copeland managed to convince the store owner that she was more than her headwear. After having a good chuckle, I notice that there’s nothing Lexi would want in that store anyways, so I send her on to the next one, leaving Ms. Copeland in the dust once more.
Now, I don’t know if this has happened to anyone else, but I notice that some of the retail stores have the same employees. It just so happens to occur in this story as well, for when I enter the store, there are at least two employees that were literally working at the clothing and furniture store I just left a moment ago. Talk about hogging the job opportunities, people. These sims don’t even have much to work with, so I think it’s only right to share, don’t you think? Well anyways, I have Lexi look through the shop, noticing the vast selection of knick-knacks and decor items. I eventually spot something that looks like something Lexi would like to have.
This TOTALLY suits Lexi

It’s vivid, that’s for sure, and it’s not expensive, so it doesn’t take much for me to decide that Lexi should buy it. It suits her, I think. If nothing else, it looks pretty, and goodness knows Lexi needs a little retail therapy to recover from the last couple of days she’s had.
After some shopping, I decide it’s time for Lexi to let loose the old fashioned way and go visit the bar. She sits down and orders her drink, not realizing that by total coincidence (no joke), a certain someone was noticing her.
Lexi at the bar, with an admirer?

My dear readers, meet Zachary Elmont, another sim that’s near and dear to my heart, for he’s one of the very first two sims I created and played back when The Sims 4 was released, along with his sister, Evelyn. Now, he was always meant to come into the story, but really only as a friend that she’d meet in the next part or so. I had set him into the world, totally forgetting the extreme possibility that he’d run into Lexi sooner or later. Well, it looks like he’s had enough waiting, and he’s barged right on into this story, now hasn’t he?
Lexi and Zach

Zachary sits down at the table, and Lexi decides to leave the bar so she can sit with him instead. They quickly get to talking, and they really seem to hit it off, which is good, considering what I originally planned for them. They talk throughout their cocktails, most likely about their various life experiences, Lexi no doubt filling Zach in on just how crazy the retail world can be. They continue to hang out as I have Lexi visit the park, and by the looks of things, I can just imagine how their conversation’s going…
Lexi venting to Zach

Lexi: …so I go downstairs, and the guy was actually SLEEPING on my very own bed! Can you believe it?!
Zach: On top of the sheets or under them?
Zach: Oh my gosh no…
After a relaxing afternoon, Lexi is more than recovered from the mess than Goopy and Tate had started, and I decide to send her back home. She and Zachary part ways for now, but I’m fairly certain we’ll be seeing a lot more of him in the coming weeks. Next episode we’ll delve more into how Lexi can possibly handle the craziness that is her employees, how her new-found friendship with Zachary develops, and perhaps see a new story branching out on its own very soon. Until then my friends, stay tuned, and keep “getting work done” with your sims!
Oh, and I almost forgot! You can now download Lexi Greystone from the gallery! My name in the gallery is StephyDee, so it should be plenty easy to find! I’ve uploaded her as CC-free as I can, even though the game apparently thinks I still have some floating around in there. I assure you that whatever content is hiding from me is not essential to the look and personality of Lexi, and you should have no problem having her in your game! Hope you guys enjoy her as much as I have! She really is such a gem.