The Sims 4 Gallery: Retail Stores Spotlight #2

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Hello Simmers and welcome back to another The Sims 4 Get to Work Retail Store Spotlight where we bring you a selection of retail lots created by Simmers, for Simmers. With the latest Game Update came Newcrest which is a whole new world with a hundred thousand things to see and fill with lots. We have a good variety of stores for you today that we hope will help you to get the most out of your Sims’ retail needs! Whether you are looking for something for your Sims to purchase and run, or simply looking for a new shopping destination to quench your Sims’ retail needs, we have you covered! All of the lots featured here do NOT contain custom content if you are worried about such things. Get your Sims’ wallets ready as it’s time to get some retail therapy!

First up is the Willow Gardening Shop created by x19james92x. It is a small gardening lot that you can plop down into your game and get using right away as James has already marked some items for sale. I particularly like that there are seed packets out for purchase as well as a few “gardening” styled outfits for sale. For Sims looking to go into business, James has added a garden area out back that could easily be changed to add a few planter boxes to it.


06-07-15_6-37 PM
06-07-15_6-38 PM 06-07-15_6-39 PM

Next up is the Cheap Shop created by DonaDany. This lot is a very basic, very affordable lot to get your Sims started in the world of retail. With the exception of a cash register and a few shelves, there is nothing else inside the shop. This is great if you are looking for your Sim to just start out.

06-12-15_8-52 AM
06-12-15_8-53 AM 06-12-15_8-53 AM-2

When your Sims are ready to tie the knot, why not send them to the beautiful Wedding Boutique created by twocatash12? This is a beautiful lot that provides all of your Bridezilla’s needs! From dresses to flowers to cakes, twocatash12 has you covered! So why not add this to your game and send your Sims out to get their wedding stuff!

06-12-15_9-00 AM 06-12-15_9-01 AM
06-12-15_9-01 AM-2 06-12-15_9-01 AM-3

Well, it only seems natural that we lead on from a wedding shop to a vacation supply shop. Luckily Drutrubuilder has us covered for our Outdoor Retreat needs with his The Outdoor Pro Store which sells everything your Sims need to visit Granite Falls or camp in their backyards.


06-12-15_9-13 AM 06-12-15_9-14 AM-2
06-12-15_9-14 AM-4 06-12-15_9-15 AM

If your Sims enjoy putting pen to paper (or rather fingers to keys) to write about the world around them, why not look into the New Riverstone Book Shop by islarosexiv. With its quaint style, cosy setting and a small writing room out back, this lot is perfect for Sims who want to write and sell books. Or, if your Sim is just browsing, why not pick up a few herbal remedies and the latest book!

06-12-15_9-25 AM 06-12-15_9-25 AM-2
06-12-15_9-26 AM-2 06-12-15_9-27 AM

That’s all for now, but stay tuned as we will bring you more lots that have caught our attention recently!