The Sims 4: Hot Tub Exclusivity and Future Updates

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*UPDATE*SimGuruGraham has made a statement regarding different types of Hot Tubs.



SimGuruGraham has announced today that the Hot Tub object from The Sims 4 Perfect Patio Stuff will remain an exclusive of the stuff pack for some time. There’s also no indication of whether or not they will ever be included in games besides Perfect Patio. Keep in mind that Graham is not in charge of how EA sells their games, so he is just passing along whatever information he’s allowed to share.

hot tubs

In addition to that, he has also confirmed that the team is working to grant Sims an increase of the Fun Motive, and also working on adding in the “Easy Listening” and “Retro” radio stations to the Hot Tubs. Expect to see these changes and updates in a future game patch.