The Sims 4: Building with Multiple Packs

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Players have been asking for more content, and our friends over at Maxis have been delivering. A lot. Very quickly. It’s easy to get overwhelmed with the amount of items in The Sims 4 packs, and you might be stuck with how to use specific items. But never fear! In It’s easy to find and combine every pack to create fun, creative builds easily. Keep reading for easy tips on how to build with multiple expansion packs.


First, make friends with the search and filter tool, located on the lower corners of your build mode menu. Filtering each pack makes finding specific expansion items easy. It’s also useful for making sure that you only use specific packs; people are more likely to download a build that only contains their owned packs.
Once you have a handle on filtering, you’ll notice matching materials or colors in multiple packs. Just go through each pack, see if there are similar swatches you can use, and pull out all of the items that match. You’ll have all of your furniture ready to go before you even begin furnishing!



But how do you combine packs effectively on a functional scale? The easy way to do this is to use the functional items from one pack (ex. yoga mats) and the decorative items from another pack (ex. Outdoor Retreat), and voila! You’ve made a rustic yoga studio perfect for Granite Falls vacations.
After getting the hang of combining packs this way, try mixing functional and decorative items together. Put a patio on your luxury bar, or sell outdoor items in your shop. The combinations, as well as well as opportunities for creative venues, are endless.



Helpful Hints for Multiple Pack Owners


  • When using different functional items, make sure the venue corresponds to the needs of the items. (ex. when using yoga mats, set the venue to spa so an instructor will come, when building a retail restaurant, set the venue to bar so that people will actually eat)
  • Don’t forget about free updates! Combine bought packs with Holiday items or Update items to renew your creativity.
  • When using three or more packs, the above tips apply, but use one pack for functional items, and the rest for decorative.
  • Mix packs with retail or residential to make cool themed houses and stores!