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Yawn! It’s another boring night in the suburbs of Willow Creek. Are your Sims begging for a night out in the big city but for some strange reason they just can’t seem to drive across that bridge? Give them a taste of city life and have them dance the night away with these colorful urban custom content picks!

❗ Please note that installing 3rd party content may cause problems with your game. It is a good idea to properly research the use of mods and custom content before putting them into your game.

❗ While EA unofficially supports the modding community, they will not be held liable should any 3rd party content damage your PC or game. 

❗ The content in this article is for information purposes only. SimsVIP does not assume any liability should 3rd party content damage your PC or game.

❗ Always remember to remove mods and custom content before updating your game.


1. S4 Tupack Bandana by Necrodog

To start out with our Create A Sim, we believe that shaved Sims deserve to have their own accessories too! Insert Necrodog’s Tupac bandana, a new mesh conversion from his former mesh created originally for The Sims 3. All playable ages and genders are able to wear it! It is available in the hat’s category with four colors: black, red, grey, and blue.


Available for download at ModTheSims.



2. Another Nouk Conversion by MonsterMadness

This beautiful curly conversion is a mashup of a few different meshes put together by MonsterMadness! Inspired by Nouk’s Afro Knot Hair (originally for The Sims 2), MonsterMadness converted it to The Sims 4 and edited the addition of a Braids Conversion by Esmeralda There are only ten natural colors that also change the color of the headband as well. This sleak updo is the epitome of parts making a whole!

Available for download at Tumblr.



3. From The Future by Kiara

We can’t think of unique hairs for The Sims 4 without considering the long list that Kiara has stashed on her blog! This requested mesh wasn’t the easiest for her, but she managed to imitate a hairstyle similar to one from The Sims 3 Into the Future expansion pack. Not only does it look stunning and matches the textures of the other EA hairs, but it comes in a whopping total of eighteen colors from natural to colorful! Just like many of Kiara’s hairsyles, this one comes with a custom thumbnail so it’s easy to pick out of the lineup!

Available for download at Blogspot.



4. Heavy Heart Hair by WildlyMiniatureSandwich

From teen to elder, this beautiful bun just screams rebellious! The Heavy Heart Hair is an overnight project created by putting a few of EA’s meshes together. It comes in the default eighteen EA colors, then an overwhelming twenty-four recolors made by WMS herself. The mesh fits right in with The Sims 4 style and will let your Sims make a “Don’t mess with me!” statement just by the spiky band decorating their hair.


Available for download at Tumblr.



5. Lapiz Lazuli Hair Djinn by Genius

This next conversion has a very different feel from the EA meshes, but it still looks good! This wispy creation was originally named Djinn, created for The Sims 3 by Lapiz Lazuli. Your Sim will feel unique with a variety of colors up to fifteen! Teens or older will have no problem standing out in the crowd.

Available for download at Tumblr.



6. Hoodie Redux by LumiaLover

But enough about hair! What if your Sim wants to cover it up? Well, we have an answer for that too! LumiaLover has taken the EA full body outfit and completely changed the look. Not only did they change it from a full body outfit to just a top, they removed the chain, took the bulky hat out, edited the hood down to make it more realistic, and managed to get it to work with most hairs in the game with an invisible hat! As if that wasn’t enough, they included version without the shirt underneath so your Sim’s manly (or not so manly) bare chest can show as well and included it in sixteen variations. No wonder it’s called Hoodie Redux!

Available for download at Tumblr.



7. Urban Dumpster by KiwiSims

This piece stands on it’s own four wheels! KiwiSims, being the helpful Simmer that he is, has created this dumpster on request. It comes in five different main colors with grafiti, stickers in Simlish, and grime decorating the texture. While it’s found under miscellanous decorations, this dumpster can also be used with the gameplay of an outdoor trashcan!


Available for download at Tumblr!



8. Neon Signs “Alphabet” by NotEgain

It wouldn’t be a dance party without some neon scattered about! NotEgain has not only made this 3D Simlish version, but an English version of the Alphabet too. Both can be found in the build/buy catalog underneath Wall Decorations, and every single letter can be found in one of five colors: Red, Yellow, Green, Pink, and Blue. There’s even a Numbers and Symbols version along with many other relateable neon signs to be found on his Tumblr!

Available for download at Tumblr!



9. Graffiti Walls by One Billion Pixels

Is everything in Willow Creek just looking too pretty? Maybe you can fix that with this grunge wall mural that can be found under the Wall Paint category. Each swatch has a different design of the graffiti to span across the wall and it even includes the background texture without the graffiti for consistency in your build. Have your Sim grab the spray paint, it’s time to hit the town!

Available for download at Blogspot.

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10. DJ Booth 2 by Kiruluvnst

And of course it just wouldn’t be a rave without a DJ Booth plopped in the middle of the action! The original conversion from TS3 is by Sg5150 and works like a stereo, but Kiru edited it for coding of a chair, so it doesn’t play any music. However, once you click on it and select your Sim to sit, they will begin a series of amazing DJ pose intervals from raising the roof, scratching the records, and turning the dials. For all of your party screenshots, this is a must have!


Available for download at Tumblr.


Wake up your Sims from their lazy afternoon naps on the park bench and follow the sound of the beat to the back alley! Don’t wait until November, it’s time to Get Together and celebrate life now!


All models can be found on The Sims 4 Gallery!
Urbz: Sims in the City by sakuraleon

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