Out of the Box: Building for Beginners in The Sims 4 (Decks, Floors, and Decor)

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Alright, we’re almost done with our box! After wrapping it in the perfect accent ribbon, this box is most certainly not a box anymore. In this part, we are going to take a look at the rest of the decor, giving our home a personalized flair.



Match Your Flooring!

We’ve been giving a lot of attention to the walls in the last two parts of the series, so now it’s time we direct that attention towards the floor.


Keep the exterior flooring limited to the stone and masonry sections for now, because it’s easy to stray into styles that are more suited towards interior floors. Wooden floors are great for decking, but keep in mind that some of the wooden textures aren’t for the exterior.

Make sure your flooring material matches the walls. If you’re using siding that’s wide and flat, bring that texture into the flooring.

In our example home, there are a lot of textures that can be brought into the flooring. We want it to look interesting, but not busy.




After the flooring is chosen, find stairs that either match the trim of the foundation or the floor color. It’s a bit tricky to find an exact match because the texture of the flooring and stairs are not the same, and have different reflective properties in the sunlight.

Remember, don’t judge a pattern by the color of the swatch. Actually place the material down so you can get a good sense of how it corresponds with your build.



Terrain Paint Paths!

If you encounter a non-flat surface, or you want to make a natural path, consider the stone features in the terrain paint.


To use the terrain paint, mark out where the path should go with fencing or reference materials, use a paint with high opacity to fill in the majority of the path, then go back over with a less opaque brush to smooth out the harsh edges.

It takes a bit of practice, so don’t fret if it doesn’t come out perfectly on your first try. A good rule of thumb is to play with the lowest opacity and make friends with the undo button. Airbrushing will be vital in landscaping later on.



Good Fences Make Good Builders!

Now for fencing. There are many different types of fences, which makes the overall choice overwhelming, but pay attention to the shape of the railing and the pillars.


Look at the shapes you use in your home; if they are mostly rectangular, go with a boxy fence, and vice-versa if you have a fancier home. Stick to more supportive fencing for the outside.

The same technique can be used with columns, which are usually used in conjunction with fences. Making the shape of the decorative materials match creates an overall flow that makes highly detailed builds easy on the eyes.



Furniture and Function!

It’s about time we take a look at the exterior furniture. Having different functional spaces adds character to a home, and also makes the home look a lot more lived-in.


There are two places where items can be used for decoration. In build mode, under “roof features,” and in buy mode, under “exterior furniture,” will give us the decorations we need to add color and life with neat chimneys, flower boxes, and vents.



Pools are a staple of sim homes. Luckily enough, the most common pools are oblong and rectangular, so it’s not very hard to make a nice pool. Add fencing or trim around the pool to spruce it up if you’re not content with a basic pool.



To add functional furniture, create mini-spaces for dining, living, cooking, and playing. Have distinct separation to imply flow and balance between each space.




When adding larger pieces, like monkey bars and rocket pads, don’t just place them. Create an intended space by paving, airbrushing, or decorating around the area to integrate the larger piece into the home.

Our example home has a family with a dad who loves to grill, a mom who loves to plant, and kids who love to play. The decorations take that into account.



Done with the Fourth Part!

And now we’re almost done with the whole build exterior! Stay tuned next week for landscaping, the last part of the box exterior!



To Review:

  • Match flooring with walls, and stairs with flooring.
  • Utilize the terrain paint and triangle tile for smoother floors.
  • Choose fences that correspond to the materials used in the rest of your home.
  • Make spaces for functional furniture, then garnish with small decoration.

If this article was a bit wordy for you, take a look at the video below! Don’t forget to leave comments and ask questions!


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