The Sims 4 Gallery Spotlight


Fruitful Farms

Looking for a change of pace?  Step into the slower side of life and spend an enjoyable day toiling away in the dirt cultivating improved plants and enhancing your Sims’ gardening skills. Throw the work-a-day world aside by adopting the life of a homesteader and earn those simoleons whistling with your watering can.  Each property is custom content free and available in the Gallery.  Enjoy!

1. The Farm by MysticalMumma, §30,456

A home just ripe for a new beginning, this farm is waiting for a dedicated Sim to begin sowing the fields.  Sitting on a large slice of land, this cozy cabin furnishes the necessities with a bed, kitchen and bathroom.  A pond serves as a private fishing hole, and once the plants take root, the farmer will have the most impressive garden in the neighborhood.


2. Cabin with Perfect Garden by felixgram, §40,566

Feeling uncertain about becoming a farmer full time?  This generic lot will offer a taste of farm living without the commitment.  Filled with only perfect plants, inexperienced Sims can practice their gardening without failure and the full benefit of years of practice.  The cabin on site provides a comfy bed, outdoor kitchen, bathroom and shower to help keep needs in check.  Spent some time here and want to live here full time?  Just change the lot from Generic to Residential.


3. Cottontail Farm by wrathofcath, §56,853

This adorable farm has been built with care and attention to detail.  From the fishable pond to the wraparound porch, an ambiance of relaxation is stitched throughout this quaint country abode.  Despite the mood of calm, there may be moments of demanding work maintaining the fantastically well established garden chock full of perfect quality plants and trees.  The first floor of the enchanting country home has an open floor plan including a living room with television and fireplace, bathroom, dining room with bookcase, and a cozy kitchen.  On the second floor there’s a bathroom, child’s room with bookcase and art desk, and master bedroom.  The small outbuilding holds all the gardening supplies.  The porch has a chess board in the front and a barbecue in the rear, with an outdoor dining set and monkey bars.


4. Bargain Bend Improved by Loveouchy, §88,856

Ideal for an entire family, this quaint farmhouse well suits Sims intent on building their skills and familial relationships.  The garden is large, but not too large, with plant and tree varieties of nice or better quality.  The home itself has a first floor with a living room, kitchen, dining room and half bath.  The second floor has a bathroom, master bedroom with computer and shelves full of Essence vials, plus a children’s room with several beds, computer, toy box and bookcase.  The front garden includes an easel, stereo and workbench.


5. Dra Davenport’s Plot by Sermikka, §103,409

A unique home nestled in the heart of lush landscaping, escape into adventure implied farm life.  The first floor includes an open floor plan with a kitchen, dining area, seating area with sofa and television, bathroom and child’s room with art desk.  The second floor holds the master bedroom with computer and bookcase plus a patio with a barbecue and seating area.  The back garden has an ornamental fountain surrounded by spliced and standard plants and trees.


6. The Farm by ehaught58, §111,632

This home is just right for those leaving the big city to seek a country feel and a fresh start.  The large farm has yet to be planted, so the yield is Sims’ choice.  The farmhouse is move in ready with two floors; the first floor of the home has living room with television, computer and bookcase, eat-in kitchen and bathroom.  The second floor has a bathroom, child’s room with two twin beds, bonsai tree and computer, master bedroom  with television, guitar and en suite bath.  Both rooms have access to the balcony with chess board.  The barn includes workbench, bookcase and garden planters.  The back patio includes a barbecue, picnic table and rocket launch pad.


7. Westbrook Farm by FOLLYFOOT, §145,305

This charming country farm has personality to spare.  The farmhouse and barn share the large lot, with garden planters waiting to be planted near a flower ringed pond.  The first floor of the farmhouse has a living room with computer and bookcase, bathroom, eat-in kitchen, child’s room with toy box, and home office with computer and television.  The second floor has a master bedroom with en suite bath, nursery, and another child’s room with two twin beds, guitar and art desk.  The barn is spacious and includes a work area and easel on the first floor, and an exercise loft with weight bench and punching bag on the second.  The grounds are landscaped beautifully and include a barbecue, picnic table and horseshoe pit.


8. Blueberry Farm by Piculitas, §169,306

A traditional farm harking back to a simpler time, Blueberry Farm will remain in Sim families for generations to come.  The first floor of the farmhouse has a living room with television and bookcase, music room with piano, bathroom, sitting room with easel, laundry room, kitchen with pantry and dining room.  The second floor has a library with bookcase and computer, child’s room, nursery with cradle, bathroom and master bedroom.  The yard has a chess board, barbecue and picnic table, an inventive chicken coop, pond and pig pen.  The garden shed has a workbench and planting center on the first floor, with a cupcake making machine, bathroom and bar in the basement.  The farm also features a wonderful selection of perfect quality plants and trees.


9. Ordinary Farm by Riemunen, §201,989

This delightful farm is complete with chickens, a horse pasture and, of course, an exceptional garden with perfect plants and trees.  Created with tender attention to detail, this home and barn will appeal to families with generational goals.  The first floor of the main house has a living room with bookcase, piano and television, eat-in kitchen, bathroom and guest bedroom.  The second floor includes a sitting room with computer, bathroom, children’s room with bookcase and desks, nursery with cradle, and master bedroom with en suite bath.  The basement wine cellar doubles as a storage area, and tucked away in the rear is a secret room.  The back yard has a workbench, horseshoe pit and campfire.


10. Wood’s Farm – Update by LettyFoxie, §219,556

With endless activities, Wood’s Farm is a working farm fit for a large family.  The main home first floor has a living room with television, kitchen with eat-in area and formal dining room with bar service.  The second floor has a Jack and Jill bathroom connected to a boy’s room with guitar and bookcase and a girl’s room with violin and art desk.  The master bedroom has a television, walk-in closet and en suite bath.  The first outbuilding, the barn, has two floors; the first has a punching bag, workbench and rocket launcher pad.  The second is a large bedroom with computer, easel, guitar and weight bench.  The second outbuilding is a smaller storage shed with gardening supplies.  The grounds offer a horseshoe pit, barbecue with dining set, children’s play area with sand box, monkey bars and toy boxes, plus a large swimming pool.  The grand garden with normal quality plants of several varieties provides opportunity to splice and improve the harvest, with some of the space occupied by a chicken coop and pig pen.