Now Available: “First Snow” Mod by SimCookie (Preview Showcase)

A World Default Retexture Mod by SimCookie

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Greg (a.k.a. SimCookie) has recently been working on an immersive recolor of our Sims’ worlds for the upcoming winter! The mod will emphasize frosted details on many of the game’s world objects and include default replacements for plants, trees, rocks, and grass. New terrain paints will also be added for more customization and detail. In addition, deciduous trees will be stripped of their leaves with a new default mesh to truly bring together the nip of the winter weather atmosphere!

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Work started for the First Snow mod on October 30th, 2015. Being a large fan of the Autumn Mod by Dani-Paradise, Greg started to think about how he wanted his game to look during the winter months. He used the Sims 4 Studio to play with layers and alphas of the trees to create a leafless mesh that appeared in hibernation for the season. Excited about his accomplishment, he posted a screenshot to share with his friends.

First Snow Beta
“The full Snow mod idea started once I shared this picture…”

Greg didn’t expect the excitement and anticipation of the Simmers! He was barraged with enthusiastic inquiries asking him when or even if he was going to release the mod for download. Originally, he wanted to make the mod for his own personal use but the longer he worked on it, the more determined he became about sharing it publicly.

"Yeah I did it! Even the cars are snowy!"
“Yeah I did it! Even the cars are snowy!”

Greg worked diligently on the First Snow mod, putting in nearly eighteen hours per day for the first three days to retexture the objects and world. He credits much of his help from Zerbu, a content creator that helped him understand how to change the world’s default grass and road textures.

11-07-15_6-42-41 PM

While he doesn’t have any upcoming plans for more seasonal mods, Greg is very happy with the results he sees today. Download and enjoy The Sims 4 Snow Mod right now by visiting!


Want to see the First Snow mod in action? Check out our SimsVIP mod preview!

Willow Creek

11-07-15_8-05-54 PM 11-07-15_8-04-25 PM 11-08-15_1-17-50 PM 11-07-15_8-37-41 PM

Oasis Springs

11-07-15_5-08-30 PM 11-07-15_5-07-19 PM 11-08-15_12-09-53 PM 11-08-15_12-13-49 PM


11-08-15_12-18-57 PM 11-07-15_6-15-09 PM 11-08-15_1-02-40 PM 11-07-15_6-01-30 PM

Granite Falls

11-07-15_6-53-57 PM 11-07-15_6-55-22 PM 11-07-15_6-54-51 PM 11-07-15_6-58-12 PM

Magnolia Promenade

11-07-15_5-57-47 PM 11-08-15_12-18-57 PM11-08-15_12-20-16 PM 11-07-15_5-13-35 PM