SimsVIP is Heading to EA Redwood for The Sims 4 Get Together Creator’s Camp!

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Hey VIPs! We’re excited to announce that EA and The Sims Studio have invited SimsVIP to attend a Sims 4 Get Together Preview Event at EA’s Redwood Shores studio! The event takes place November 19th and 20th and we will begin our travels on the 18th.

Details for the event (which keep in mind can change at any time) are as follows: 

  • We are allowed to:
    • Tweet/Vlog while at the event
    • Take Screenshots (Embargo ends November 23 7AM PDT)
    • Written Previews/Interviews (Embargo ends November 23 7AM PDT)
    • NON Game Footage Interviews (Embargo ends November 23 7AM PDT)
    • Capture Video Footage (Embargo ends November 25 at 7AM PDT)
    • Game Footage Interviews (Embargo ends November 25 7AM PDT)

There are many members of the community attending this event, so I have created a Twitter list of all attendees so you can stay in the loop during the event. (FULL LIST HERE)


Lastly, thank you to everyone for leaving your questions! Kit has sent me over a neatly prepared document with all the questions and I will try my best to get them answered. 🙂

Stay up to date with my travels by following SimsVIP on social media!

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