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Events, activities, travel, and accommodations were Sponsored by Electronic Arts.

Hey everyone! So as you all know SimsVIP was invited by EA to attend the Sims 4 Get Together Creators Camp Event, and I’m here to share my travel babbles! Please note that I am not allowed talk about anything regarding the game until the embargo lifts.

Travel Day

The most hectic day of the trip arrived, and as usual, I was completely unprepared. As I ran around the house gathering electronics & travel essentials, I packed my first items.



This is all I really needed anyway, right? Right?!

Now that packing was done and I had triple checked to make sure I didn’t miss anything, I headed to Tampa Airport for my 5am red-eye. My first flight was from Tampa to Charlotte, and I was surprised to see an EA Sports store when I walked off the plane. Neat!

The second flight to San Francisco lasted about 6 hours, but I arrived bright and early at 10am! Yeay for Time Zones! The fly zone around the airport is absolutely stunning by the way, so I went ahead and recorded my landing into San Francisco’s Airport.

Once I picked up my baggage and headed for the shuttles, I was greeted my James, Deli, and Eduardo. We hopped in a shuttle with a man we called “stranger” and went straight to the Hotel. Stranger truly loved our Sims talk.


20151118_124304 20151118_124629 20151118_140237(0) 20151118_105516

He even took a photo with us! Thanks stranger! 

Once we arrived at the hotel, we met up with Arthur, Jen, and Zeke, checked in, and went straight for lunch! The restaurant inside Sofitel has a mean Kale Chicken Salad. Delish!

20151118_130820Since time was passing by super slow, and it was only 2pm by the time we were done with lunch, James, Jen, and myself were hanging poolside having a few drinks. James snapped this amazing photo that even had us wishing “we were there”. Great shot James!


After a few hours some more Simmers arrived, so we caught up with one another and ended up back in the hotel restaurant for dinner. I’m not exactly sure what it was I ordered, but it was Hanger steak dish from what I remember. Very good!


Nine o’clock rolled around, we spent some time chit chatting in the lounge area, and went up to bed! We had a busy two days ahead of us so we needed our beauty rest. Did I mention Sofitel’s Beds are super comfy? Because they are. Yawn…Zzzzz…zZZZZzzzz

IMG_2012 IMG_2013 20151118_153613 20151119_063305

Creators Camp

For the next two days we spent our time inside a private conference room at EA’s Redwood Shores Studios. The room was set up to resemble a “Green Room” and was decked out with high end PC’s for each of the attendees, Swag Bags, Steelseries peripherals for our use during play time, and a lounge area complete with Plumbob Pillows and a Llama!


During the event we attended Masterclasses with SimGurus, and also met the amazing folks behind “Plumbob Pictures”, who are responsible for Trailers and official Screenshots. We learned loads about the game as well, but more on that when the embargo lifts. 🙂


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EA also provided us with a voucher for two Free PC games at the official EA Store. I grabbed The Sims 4 Base Game and Star Wars Battlefront for my hubby. They also had these cute black Tees with The Sims 4 Logo on the front, so I grab one for me, one for a giveaway, and two for friends. Did I mention I’ll also be doing a swag giveaway soon? 😀

20151119_183205 IMG_n3y4kb

After two days of good company, play time, and yet another amazing time at EA’s Redwood Shores studios, we posed for a final pic and headed our separate ways. It’s always hard saying goodbye to fellow Simmers, but hopefully we’ll meet again. Thank you to all for an amazing time, and a special thanks goes out to Electronic Arts, The Sims Studio, SimGuruDrake, and SimGuruBChick for taking such great care of us.

Until next time! Sul Sul!


Events, activities, travel, and accommodations were Sponsored by Electronic Arts.