The Sims 4 Gallery Spotlight


Ritzy Holiday Retail

The holiday shopping season is upon our Sims!  They’ve made their lists and have checked them twice, and now it’s time to muster up the simoleons and stamina to find and purchase those special treasures for family and friends.  Shop ’til you drop at these local retailers, and drop ’til it’s time to shop once again at parks and restaurants decked in holiday cheer.  Each lot is custom content free and available for download in the Gallery.  Enjoy!

1. Christmas Lounge No CC by Fantaflip, §59,330

Christmas trees pepper the yard of this versatile yet cozy lounge.  Inside there’s a full bar, bookcase, microphone, guitar, violin and fireplace.


2. Gingerbread Bakery by Riemunen, §73,275

Adorable by design, this delightful bakery offers tasty treats and comfy seats.  There’s a cupcake maker on site and plenty of books to relax with in front of the fireplace.


3. Trees & Treats Shop*Day by badablonde, §108,507

Cheery faux snow dusts the grass surrounding this brightly decorated sweets and Christmas decor shop.  Sims will purchase baked goods, watch TV over the fireplace, relax on the bench for photos out front or paint using the easel.


4. Christmas Market by gothkittymimi, §153,324

With a bit of everything, this can be a one stop destination for your holiday prepping Sim.  The first floor has several shops; toys, books, gifts and plants.  The restaurant at the end includes a fresh bakery with seating available on the first and second story.  The basement includes living quarters for the shop keep with a bedroom, bathroom, living area with television, kitchen and cupcake maker.


5. Holiday Hangout by thesimified, §169,472

Yearning to take the gathering to Windenburg?  This is the ideal spot for a hang out.  The first floor has a spacious bar with loads of open seating around two fireplaces, and a stage with piano, microphone and guitar.  The second floor has a dance floor with stereo, more seating and a piano.


6. Gingerbread Lil Bakery by BrienneOfTarth, §170,759

Unique and playful, this quaint bakery has toys for the young, and the young at heart.  The first floor includes the checkout counter and bakery display, with lots of seating outdoors.  The basement is the kitchen with a cupcake and ice cream maker.


7. Christmas Shopping by JeanetteHo, §197,578

This outdoor mall has bright Christmas decor throughout the courtyard.  There are eight different shops selling different wares.  There’s a fire pit, three clothing shops, a floral shop, computer bar, children’s toys, collectibles and a bakery/restaurant.  Whittle away at the daylight hours getting lost amongst the goods and services.


8. Tannenbaum Park by Rossdeutcher, §199,421

After a long day of searching out the perfect gift, Tannebaum Park is a wonderful place to relax and unwind.  The center gazebo covers a campfire ripe for roasting, and a chess board.  Several more chess boards are just outside, and some horseshoe pits.  The surrounding buildings contain saunas, with hot tubs on patios in between.  There’s a barbecue and picnic table to satisfy appetites of another kind, as well as monkey bars and a pirate ship for the kiddies to play on while the grownups rejuvenate; bathrooms are in the basement.


9. Christmas Village Square by orangepeachy, §324,962

Charming and full of entertainment and shopping options, Sims flock to this square.  The center consists of two buildings, each divided within to form varied individuals shops.  The first building contains shops for furniture, toys, books, and clothing with bathrooms on the second floor.  The second building offers shops for wellness (featuring exercise equipment, yoga, and massage options), gaming (gaming mats, computers, stereos and televisions), and a coffee shop with fresh baked goodies from the cupcake making machine, two fireplaces and lots of cozy seating.  The courtyard is a lovely gathering spot with two fire pits for storytelling.


10. Weihnachtsmarkt by FrolleinCeline, §353,933

With several attractions to intrigue and entertain, this fanciful location is bound to remain busy all through the season.  The resident gnome, driving his coursers, greets guests as they arrive.   The courtyard features an ice rink style stage with microphone, guitar and television.  For the children,  a merry-go-round, pirate ship and monkey bars, with a prize booth, are nearby.  A series of buildings, in different architectural styles, host various shops and eateries.  The buildings are, from left to right, a bar (with drink toting snowman on the roof), specialty bakery, dessert shack with cupcake maker, small workroom with a workbench and bar, restful lounge with comfortable seating, fireplaces, easel, jukebox and chess board; next are restrooms, a two story lodge including a living room with bookcase and stereo, eat-in kitchen and bedroom with en suite bath on the first floor, and two bedrooms with bookcase and a bathroom on the second floor; the grounds also hold a fire pit, horse shoe pit and barbecue with picnic table.  Despite being labeled as a Residential lot, this delightful market is anything but; however be sure to change the lot type to generic after placing it in build mode (using the bb.moveobejects on cheat) so your Sim can gain access to the buildings.  Don’t get locked out!