The Sims 4 Gallery Spotlight


Insane Inclinations

Community created challenges offer a unique game play experience.  The Asylum Challenge is a favorite originally created by Scout for the Sims 2.  It was revamped by BlakeS5678 for the Sims 3, and redesigned once more by simswithcheese for the Sims 4.  The back story is: You have been committed to a run down mental health facility against your will. In order to prove that you are fit to rejoin society and earn your freedom, you must achieve the goals your psychiatrist has set for you – your aspiration. The catch? You need to achieve your goals as quickly as possible, while keeping 7 other patients, who you don’t know and are out of your control, alive and as happy as possible. Add to that budget cutbacks leading to a lack of decent furniture and limited supplies, and your task gets harder.  There are various difficulty levels, and each of these institutions represents a play choice.  All are custom content free, ready to house your unfortunate Sims, and available for download in the Gallery.  Enjoy!

1. Arid Ridge by eb14mily, §67,487

The fence lined grounds of this two story structure contains its insane residents.  The first floor welcome center consists of a gray institutional desk, lockers for all worldly belongings, and the alarmed door leading to the living quarters.  There are five beds, a restroom, and the recreation room with kitchenette, television, scavenge pile, and chess board.  The roof has a weight bench, easel, workbench, and bar.


2. Springscape Asylum by hirondelle09, §67,466

Clinical yet welcoming, this facility is suited for five residents.  The first floor opens to the foyer with reception desk.  The kitchen is next, with a dining table for two.  The recreation room follows with stereo, easel, and guitar plus a bathroom.  The second floor has a library with bookcases and computers and the sleeping quarters.  The back patio includes a treadmill and workbench.


3. Serenity Falls Asylum by ShirleyBobGirl, §100,556

A Second Empire home converted to an asylum, this grand manor offers unique activities to recovering Sims.  The first floor has a library with computer and bookcases, kitchen, dining room and bathroom.  The second floor has two patient rooms; one with two beds, and another with three.  The third story is a rooftop garden with easel.  The back garden has a chess board, yoga mat, work bench, rocket launch pad and swimming pool.


4. Old Asylum Renovated by sergsimoes, §106,872

This mysterious manor has been renovated to be an asylum, but still holds many of its secrets.  The first floor opens to a grand foyer with archways leading to a parlor with fireplace, bookcase, and a bookcase false door to a room holding the riches of the owner; the dining room, with bar, and chess board, kitchen, a home office and a bathroom.  The grand staircase leads upstairs where there are two smaller bedrooms and the master bedroom.  The side yard has lovely landscaping and a workbench.  The basement holds the facility sleeping quarters with four beds and a bathroom.  The basement is relatively creepy with an unusual work room with a well lit partially dug up basement floor.  Perhaps the incurable patients will never hurt the reputation of this fine facility….because they never leave.


5. Newcrest Asylum by altairaes, §153,957

Victorian features adorn this asylum for the Easy mode version of play.  The first floor holds the kitchen, bathroom, recreation room with bookcase, fireplace, television, computer, chess board, and workbench.  The second floor has five single bedrooms and a bathroom.  The front yard has several established plants of Good or better quality and a fire pit; the back yard has a patio with easel and punching bag, a large swimming pool, yoga mat, and stereo. The grounds also offer a graveyard, just in case the inevitable should occur.


6. Asylum by BxIxK, §166,029

Welcoming and relaxed, this asylum feels at times like an old hotel.  The first floor has a recreation room with game table, fish bowl and seating areas, locker room, physician’s office with bookcases and fireplace, bathroom, kitchen, and a dining room with seating for twelve.  A long exterior corridor leads to the bath house with swimming pool and bath tubs.  The second floor has five patient’s bedrooms and a bedroom for the staff.  The third floor has two patient bedrooms, bathroom, physician’s office with bookcase, and library with bookcases.  The grounds are well kept with benches and garden planters.


7. Aridale Criminal Asylum by SIMpleBliss86, §172,619

This southwestern manse is deceptively inviting.  The first floor includes a reception desk, kitchen, bathroom, recreation room with television and bookcase, dining area, workbench, violin, easel, and chess board.  The back garden includes a swimming pool and a covered patio for enjoying the outdoors.   The second floor has five patient rooms and a bathroom.  The basement is accessed through concealed false bookcase doors and is filled with medical equipment.  Perhaps the rumors are true that secret experiments have happened here and not all the residents have left the facility, despite their deaths.


8. Asylum by Canderson89, §185,713

A reimagining of Newcrest Asylum by altairaes, this version allows for a more difficult level of play. The first floor has a kitchen, bathroom, recreation room with television, fireplace, chess board, violin, mirror, art storage, and bookcases.   The second floor has five patient bedrooms.  The grounds are landscaped, fenced, and include a workbench, easel, and garden plot.


9. Riverwood Institute by Cattherinesmith, §193,354

A quintessential statue centered fountain graces the front yard of this complete facility for seven patients.  The first floor has a grand foyer with staircase, parlor with television, art therapy room with easels, back room with punching bag, kitchen, and dining room with piano.  The second floor landing has two bonsai trees, and the remainder of the floor holds the six patient rooms, one with two beds, and a bathroom.  The back fenced yard has a chess board, with an easel and workbench on the side yard.


10. Meltdown Meadows by DytchWytch, §206,161

Cleverly named, Meltdown Meadows is reminiscent of institutions of the 1950’s and 1960’s.  Sims are sure to find recovery in this comfortable and soothing manse.  Designed for the Easy mode of the challenge, the first floor has a study with computer, chess board and easel, recreation room with television and bookcase, kitchen, dining room, and a treadmill on the back patio.  The second floor holds six patient rooms and three bathrooms.  The grounds are tidily kept, fully fenced, and constantly surveilled.