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The latest Game Patch has added a new NPC to the game. The Tragic Clown is a sad soul that randomly spawns on public lots, or shows up on your home lot when summoned by viewing the Tragic Clown painting. Alternatively, your Sims can also dress up as the Tragic Clown using new CAS assets in the game, and spread the sadness that lies within!


Create-a-Sim Additions

The entire Tragic Clown costume (hair, makeup, outfit and shoes) is now available for Sims Teen through Elder in Create-a-Sim. Dressing your Sims up as the Tragic clown will enable a variety of social options for use in the game. Here are the new assets available in CAS:

  • Tragic Hairstyle (All Base Game Colors)
  • Tragic Facepaint (3 varieties)
  • Tragic Outfit (2 varieties)
  • Tragic Boots (2 varieties)

04-21-16_1-50-11 PM 04-21-16_1-50-55 PM


Playing as The Tragic Clown

Now that your Sims have dressed the part, it’s time to head out and share the sadness with other Sims. The Tragic Clown outfit automatically enables a permanent emotional “Tears of a Clown” Moodlet (Sad +3) for Sims wearing it. This constant emotional state activates brand new social interactions that are only available to Sims with this moodlet.

  • Juggle – This self interactions allows your tragically dressed Sim to try and juggle their sadness away. Unfortunately for them, it fails every time.

  • Tragically Try to Cheer Up – This social interaction allows your tragically dressed Sim to try and cheer up a Sim that is sad.

  • Tears of a Clown (Moodlet) – This permanent Sad moodlet is automatically forced upon Sims who wear the Tragic Clown outfit and will enable the special interactions mentioned above.

  • Misery Loves Company (Moodlet) – This mildly Happy Moodlet will occur when your tragically dressed Sim is around other Sims and is enjoying some company, however, will not be strong enough to remove the “Tears of a Clown” Sad Moodlet.

  • Such Tragedy (Moodlet) – This moodlet is forced upon Sims who are around the Tragic Clown, be it your own Sim, or an NPC that appears in the game. The moodlet itself is permanent so long as a Sim is near the Tragic Clown, and disappears with a safe distance from the Tragic Clown. Have fun crying your eyes out!

04-21-16_3-14-37 PM


Summoning The Tragic Clown

If playing as the Tragic Clown is not something your Sims want to experience, then let an NPC do the dirty work! Tragic Clowns will randomly spawn in the game, and you can make them appear faster by summoning them via the “Tragic Clown Painting” in buy mode.

To summon the Tragic Clown, simply have your Sims “View” the painting, and a Tragic Clown will quickly appear. When the Tragic Clown is in close proximity to a Sim, they will immediately give off the permanent “Such Tragedy” Sad moodlet. The moodlet will only disappear when Sims are no longer in close proximity. Good luck with that!


04-21-16_3-45-10 PM


Getting Rid of The Tragic Clown

Unfortunately for you, “Asking” the Tragic Clown to leave your home is not an option. Tragic Clowns are meant to be annoying and bothersome, so it’s best to steer clear and not invite them into your home in the first place. However, you’ll be happy to know that when you do invite a Tragic Clown into your home, it will typically leave within 12 hours.

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