SimGuru Insights: Weekly Livestreams, Bug Reports, and the Shame Box

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This week has been a long one of Sims fans sitting at the edge of their seat. Most are waiting desperately for news (or leaks) about the restaurant themed game pack. While it’s still not what everyone is clamoring for, the Gurus have touched on a few interesting topics through various media.

Weekly Livestream, Monthly Content

Yesterday, SimGuruDrake posted some answers on the official forum. She confirmed that livestreams would be returning weekly ‘soon’ and that they would be expanded to be more than just streams tied to pack releases.


“I want to provide you with a way to engage with different members of the team to chat with you and play The Sims and I’m excited for the new streams (I’m shooting for weekly ones –so get ready for that!)”

Drake also took the time to clarify that the term ‘monthly content’ refers to both paid and free content. Updates that include bug fixes, free content (NPCs, items, challenges, etc.) are included in their ‘monthly content’ roll-out model.

Live Ops Team

In bug squashing news, SimGuruNick has kept his promise about being more involved with the community. He has replied to let us know about a couple of bugs that are being looked into:



Name Guessing Game

On the fun side of things, the Name Guessing Game has been in full swing for most of the week! SimGuruGraham has been watching this forum thread and tweeted that only one of the upcoming game pack names have been guessed correctly as of last evening. Of course, he won’t tell us which one but the “winner gets bragging rights post-announcement”.

Twitter Tidbits

SimGuruGraham has answered one fan’s question, explaining that the team is changing up the way they were handling releases for The Sims 4. “There’s an entirely different approach to content releases and cadence of content in Sims 4 – we’re learning and trying things,” his tweet says.

SimGuruSarah and SimGuruNinja have spent the better part of the week in the ‘Shame Box’ in light of their recent leaks about unisex CAS assets and owning restaurants. Even SimGuruSteve confirmed that the two have taken to counting up the days since their last leak. But Sarah said that she holds hope to at least make it in the double digits!


For now, we’re keeping a close eye on these sneaky gurus! How are you keeping yourself busy while waiting for more news? Which pack name do you think was guessed correctly?