SimGuru Insights: Pizza on Twitter, Graham’s Medieval Thoughts, and Bug Squashers

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Last week rolled by without an announcement leaving Simmers desperate for more news, hints, anything! Beyond SimGuruGraham’s Spotlight blog, the week was filled with a small grab bag of events.

SimGuruPizza Joins Twitter

Another Guru joined the Twitter community this last week! SimGuruPizza is the Concept Lead Designer for The Sims 4. While she draws up objects, CAS assets, and etc. for the game, she is likely known for sharing the name with the famous Sea Monster in Windenburg. Emily (Pizza) mentioned that she hopes to make a more in-depth post in the future concerning her job and possibly sharing concept art, although she’s “just not sure Twitter is the best place to share a lot of info at once”.


Kid Stuff Pack Worries

It seems the recent leak from SmythsToys revealed the game pack name after all, but the Name Guessing Game is still going! According to Graham, nobody has guessed the upcoming kids themed stuff pack as of the end of last week.

Simmers have continued to ask SimGurus for hints and ideas. Others expressed their foreboding concern of the stuff pack’s future. Graham states that there is no reason to worry about the lack of information at the moment. “It shouldn’t be worrying. It’s consistent with the way all GPs & SPs have been announced,” he tweeted to a fan.

On a completely unrelated topic, he also shared ‘with confidence’ that Stuff Packs wouldn’t be the right place to release elevators.


Medieval Content

When asked about his thoughts on adding a medieval themed stuff pack, Graham said on Twitter that it would be more fitting for the content to be related to a Medieval Fair instead of placing Sims into a Medieval setting in The Sims 4. Although, it would be ‘tough to pull off in an SP’ due to the limited content.


Bugs List

With help from the forums, SimGuruNick has posted a list of issues that players have been submitting to the Live Ops Team. He mentioned they are already aware of many of the issues and reproduce them on their own. But players are welcome to private message him any save game file links that contain these issues to ensure a better performance for everyone.

  1. Sims are sitting and standing constantly during socializations (aka “musical chairs”)
  2. Sims are using a different (and farther away) bookcase than the one you clicked on. Also occurs with grills and computers.
  3. Sims are sitting down before using the Put Away interaction (or getting into a tub, instead of sitting)
  4. Photos, paintings and Mysterious Time Capsules are getting stuck in the Sim’s inventory
  5. Crafted items in the inventory have a black and silver star for their thumbnail icon
  6. After inviting an NPC friend to another lot with your Sim, the NPC will leave shortly after, and there is no TNS informing you they left. Also occurs on vacation lots.
  7. Relationships being culled (although you mentioned they WEREN’T culled, and Carolyn was lying. What do you mean here? Like, they were friends in the Rel Panel, but Carolyn had Introduce interactions available?)
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  9. Sims are walking long distances to wave to someone, and there’s nothing in their queue.
  10. Sims are chasing down NPCs who are leaving the lot, in an attempt to socialize, with the social interaction eventually just dropping out of queue
  11. Practicing Charisma on the floor mirror from GT doesn’t work correctly
  12. Sim went for a Jog and got stuck miles from her home with no option to Return Home
  13. Sim admired his own artwork, and whim for admiring art did not fulfill
  14. Sims are getting Tense (due to fire) when entering a room where a fire took place several hours ago
  15. Played Sims are sent to community lots, and when the user switches control back to the Sims that are still at the house, the Sims that were sent to community lots return immediately
  16. Resume Writing doesn’t work, and the Sim starts over
  17. NPC patients in the hospital are constantly getting up to talk to the user’s Sim

Graham did make an informal statement concerning the news of 12-year-old shutting down. “I’ve met Daniel a number of times, and on a personal level. I’ve always found him to be quite pleasant and enjoyed speaking with him. I thought he ran an excellent website, I liked having him as part of the community, and I’m disappointed that events have led to this unfortunate outcome.” He went on to explain that an NDA (non-disclosure agreement) was involved so he will not divulge any information.



We look forward to SimGuruPizza sharing more concept art! What are your thoughts about the Medieval idea for The Sims 4? Are there any bugs on the list you’re hoping to get fixed soon?