The Sims 4 Gallery Spotlight


Ahoy, Scallywags!

Celebrate Talk Like a Pirate Day, September 19th, wit’ these aarrghh worthy simsational pirate friendly creations.  Be thee worthy t’ live like a scurvy cur?  ‘Tis thee bold enough t’ raise a toast wit’ th’ Cap’n?  Test yer mettle n’ loot up wit’ a bawdy band o’ bandits n’ these custom content free creations fit fer th’ most salty sea bass. Fore Ho!

1. Pirate Tavern by ciccibel, §95,739

This Spanish fort found itself conquered by a shipful o’ pirates!  With its new residents making the rules, the first building is a tavern; the first floor includes a fireplace and table, and the upper floor holds the bar with additional seating and stereo.  The second building hosts a caged storage area for the ale on the first floor with a swimming pool and restroom on the second floor.  The third floor has rooftop seating and a lookout tower.  The grounds include a fishing pond and lots of pirate photo ops!


2. Thief’s Hideout by Lothisil, §105,080

An ideal spot for loot, this treasure trove is hidden amongst the rocks and trees.  Through the front door lies a staircase; directly downstairs is the inner sanctum.  The open floor plan includes several treasure storage spots, a work area for plotting and research with desk and bookcase, a kitchen, a bathroom, and a bedroom.


3. Pirate Bay by Broselmeier, §127,507

Dock your ship and come ashore to this charming shanty town.  The town is divided into three buildings; the first is the Inn.  The first floor is occupied by the living space with bookcase, and fireplace.  The upper floor houses the lodgings with three beds and storage trunks.  The second building is the local eatery with kitchen and dining sets; sleeping quarters are above, the landing with dartboard leads to the bedroom with three beds and storage trunk. The third building holds the bathrooms with toilets on the first floor and showers and baths on the second.  The grounds offer a courtyard with wishing well, a livestock area with various animals, a courtyard in front of the Inn with game table, horseshoe pit, garden planters, and fire pit, as well as swimming in the shallows near the docking moor.


4. Pirate Ship Angelscu by DENIS11071998, §221,470

Family fun, ahoy!  This fantastical park has all the expected features of a traditional park such as the monkey bars, toy pirate ship, easel, chess set, picnic area with barbecue, and a small tavern with bar and game table; the surprise is in the museum style pirate ship.  This engaging pirate ship is permanently docked and forever on display.  The interactive attraction features a galley, restrooms, two luxury guest quarters (one with fireplace and one with bookcase and computer), living area with stereo, and television, and a research area with computer.  Stay a day, or change the lot style and turn this museum into a residence.


5. Ye OIde Pirate Restaurant by JOL1990, §267,576

Embark on the meal of a lifetime, here at the ship of delicious delicacies.  This themed restaurant has loads of embellishments that create that authentic sailing/shipwrecked experience.  The upper deck offers lots of open air seating.  The main deck holds the bar, and the lower deck houses the kitchen and restrooms.  Search the trunks nestled along the shoreline and watch out for cannon fire!


6. S.S. Salty Spitoon by LordSwoosh, §290,246

Shipwrecked living at it finest, this landlocked beauty is structured beautifully.  The grounds have several small rock-lined swimmable ponds that lead to the front entrance which opens to the lower deck.  To the right are three bedrooms; two with computers.  To the left lies the hold with garden planters and a bathroom.  The second floor holds the main living space with television and fireplace, piano, chess board, kitchen area with at bar seating, dining area, and home office nook with bookcase and computer.  The bow of the ship holds a bathroom, and the third floor has the master bedroom with en suite bath, and office nook with bookcase, plus an easel on the balcony.  The upper deck is ideal for parties with a dance floor, DJ booth, guitar, violin, bar, and chocolate fountain.  There’s even a crow’s nest!


7. Pirate Cove by njkiehn, §324,925

Adventuring on the high seas requires a bit of respite and a good hiding place for spoils and this island paradise is it.  The sandy beach borders a rocky cave with a home within; the open design includes a sleeping area with two beds and a fireplace.  Room dividers separate to reveal the second bedroom area with double bed, computer, stereo, and bookcase.  The shack on the beach has an open floor plan with kitchen and bedroom.  Behind the shack is a recreation area with bar, fire pit, and exercise area.  The back building is the bathroom.  The beach itself includes lots of good swimming with a dive stand, and several lounge areas with beach towels, coolers, and beach umbrellas.



8. Pirate Crash Cove by arielle47, §329,426

Sea tired pirates will welcome the reprieve here in this serene cove.  Once the ship is moored, disembark to this quiet little seaside town.  The lot is divided into several areas; the first is the Inn.  The first floor includes the kitchen with bar, bathroom, and guest room.  The second floor has two bedrooms, each with fireplace, and a bathroom.  The second building is the Tavern with bar, violin, guitars, and fish tanks.  The second floor has a gaming room with chess board, game table, and stereo plus a bathroom.  The third building is a small church flanked by a graveyard.  The grounds include a clock tower with fire pit and central fountain nearby.  Don’t forget to take advantage of the swimmable shoreline.


9. Pirate Ship Challenge by nyctaginia, §480,000

For a unique gameplay experience, challenge the boundaries of everyday life and answer the call of adventure by joining a crew and taking to the high seas.  This ship is docked and ready for the journey to begin.  The rules of the challenge are to only play as the first mate, max out logic, handiness and charisma.  The most important rule?  Try to keep everyone alive!  No money cheats are allowed aside from those used to buy this lot. Once aboard the easel can be a moneymaker, but only when the Captain’s not looking!  This fabulous ship features five decks.  The first deck holds the workroom with workbench, bilge pump room, recreation room with game table and, of course, the storage and treasure rooms.  The second deck has a bathroom, six bedrooms, and the galley.  The third deck has the first mates quarters, a bathroom, and the captain’s quarters with private bath and easel.  The upper deck holds the captain’s quarters with several bookcases and a globe.  The highest spot has the steering wheel and navigation.  The dock can be removed once everyone’s aboard for the feeling of having set sail.


10. The Treasure Island by Scheinheilig1603, §645,763

Cloistered within a rock cliff cove, this charming hideaway is a pirate delight.  The shallow sea hugs the bottom of the docked ship, waiting for the pirates to continue on their journey.  The location itself has two buildings, one is a storage shed for grains and perishables, with the other being a tavern.  The tavern has three floors; the first is a storehouse with a chess  board and bathrooms.  The second floor is the tavern bar, the third is a bedroom.  The grounds include a fenced garden area with planting rows and garden planters.  The cliff side has a somewhat secret entrance with a bonfire.  Once through the doorway, a long planked bridge leads to a series of caves with fire pits, skeletal pirate guardians, and loads of treasure.  The pirate ship is amazing, with a tall mast.  The lower deck holds the bedroom for three of the crew, a galley, and the Captain’s bedroom with en suite bath.  The second deck includes the Captain’s quarters with desk, storage chests, bookcases, and a globe.  The imagination used to create this lot is simply stunning.  Earning an honorable mention is The Flying Dutchman restaurant, another fantastic pirate ship also designed by Scheinheilig1603.