The Sims 4 Gallery Spotlight


Chow, Baby!

Food is a huge part of daily life, so when making those ever important dining choices don’t limit Sims to at home fare; experience meals with friends and family at these custom content free eateries available for download in the Gallery. Enjoy!

1. Rocket Cat by rishalowe, §45,541

This cafe is an artist’s delight with a coffee bar, comfortable seating nook and traditional seating, a restroom, and kitchen; this is a traditional kitchen that can be modified for Dining Out content.  The back patio offers additional seating and a bar.


2. Brewed Awakening Cafe by leafpotter, §54,919

Enjoy a good morning coffee, or order a meal for any time of the day, at this art forward cafe.  The main dining room is filled with Sim created art, lots of seating and a coffee bar.  The kitchen can be seen from the main room where Sim chefs busily prepare food.  The restrooms are in the hallway that leads to the patio seating.


3. Costa Azul Bistro by syberiana98, §56,718

A mini tropical get-a-way, this bistro brings a summer experience any time of year.  The restaurant itself is outdoor only with a bar and lots of seating.  The rear of the building holds a small swimming pool, log seating, and the restrooms.


4. 14A by kelleylarkin, §62,087

Made from the bones of Penny Bakery, a lot by the same creator, this contemporary eatery offers comfortable dining both indoors and out.  Within the main dining room, there’s a comfortable seating area for before, or after, dining chat with friends and neighbors.


5. Simmer’s Bar & Grill by BettyBackwoods99, §71,636

Ideal for a night (or afternoon) on the town, bring a date or a group of friends to this fun neighborhood restaurant.  The first floor is the main dining room with lots of seating and the kitchen, the second floor is the bar area with bar, game table, dart board, foosball table, restroom, and balcony seating.


6. Restô Sim by renata_damf, §90,760

Kick up the class for Sim dining in this modern moment restaurant.  The first floor has several dining tables, restrooms, and the kitchen.  The second floor offers additional seating and semi-private dining tables.  Remodeled from the Gamer Staion Cafe by Pyliathesunelf.


7. Train Cafe by harichansarubou, §94,057

Creatively constructed, this cafe on wheels will blow your whistle.  The train car doubles as the dining room offering booth and table seating, a coffee bar, and patio with additional seating and fresh herbs.  The train engine holds the restroom, and the grounds include a game table and bench seating.  The train is displayed like an interactive museum piece.  Be sure to engage bb.moveobjects on before placing.  All aboard!


8. California’s Bistro by Matheus_Gabry, §105,574

A wonderful place for all gatherings at any time of day, this quaint bistro offers fine dining and a patio bar on the first floor, with a coffee bar upstairs.  Llama’s are the theme, and Sims will be greeted by the mascot upon arrival.


9. Coastal Tide by killerbunny787, §118,482

Fabulously prepared seafood awaits at this chic restaurant.  The main floor includes the spacious dining room, kitchen, restrooms, and bar.  The second floor is open to the first and holds additional seating.


10. It’s High Time Tea Room by penappleYT, §133,923

An afternoon tea time has never been more enjoyable, than one spent at this charming, flower ringed home converted to a restaurant.  The first floor has a reception area, kitchen, and dining tables with additional seating on the patio.  The second floor has room for large groups, balcony seating, and a restroom.


11. Little Corsican Bistro v2 by PROstoLenka, §245,532

Feeling nostalgic for the Sims 3?  Place this bistro and introduce the Sims 4 to a Sims 3 favorite.  This redesign of the building offers something for each time of day.  The first floor has a small cafe with coffee bar and lots of seating, with a bakery next door ready for retail.  The second floor is fine dining with luxurious booths and piano entertainment.  The third floor is a nightclub setting with DJ Booth, dance floor, and bar.