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All work and no play makes your Sim dull. What about living a life without a set schedule, the office politics, and the overbearing bosses? If your Sim is more of a work-from-home type, we’ve got you covered. We’ll even do you one better: there’s no cheating on this list! Here’s 10 ways to make money without having a career in The Sims 4.

  1. Writing Books

Writing books is best for those creative Sims on a budget. You don’t need to buy any easels, canvases, or instruments. All you need is a computer, and your Sim can start practicing writing. At level 1, your Sims can already start writing children’s books, and each level opens up a new genre. At level 2, Sims can self-publish after finishing by clicking on the mailbox. Each book takes only about four hours to write — and there’s no limit to how many you can publish, compared to licensing songs, which are only allowed to be licensed one at a time. At level 5, Sims can publish through a company, warranting them more cash. Then, at level 9, the option to Submit to Literary Digest opens, providing even more possibilities in terms of royalties. Sims can make entire self-made careers from writing books — and a bonus: there’s a whole Aspiration for it, too.




  1. Painting

With all the possibilities that come with painting, it’s another great choice for creative types. The only reason why painting doesn’t take the top spot is because you need to join the Career in order to get the most benefit from painting as a money-making tool. When it comes to easel choices, the easels in the Painter career actually make it easier to create higher quality paintings. However, painting is still a consistent and steady skill, and the different sizes determine how much time they take to create. Only have an afternoon? Your Sim can tackle a small painting, which takes the shortest amount of time, and it’s still a good bit of Simoleans. The key to painting — since quality is the major factor — is to be Inspired as much as possible while doing so.


  1. Making Apps and Games

The computer whiz Sims are not forgotten on this list! Making mobile apps and games, reachable at programming level 7 and 9 respectively, is a great way to make steady income for those who prefer the company of code rather than people. It only takes a computer to get started in programming, and once your Sim reaches level 7, it takes about 24 hours of work to complete a mobile app. At level 9, making games takes about 36 in-game hours, but the payoff is definitely higher. Both mobile apps and games give steady royalties over time that begin to diminish at around five days, but similar to writing books, there’s no limit to how many your Sim can create and get royalties on.



  1. Hacking

For those without creative impulses and lack of a moral compass, hacking actually provides a pretty steady income depending on the server. If your Sim has at least level 2 programming, he or she can start hacking servers from any computer. There are some downsides, however. Hacks usually come with a 24-hour cooldown. In that time, try dabbling in other programming skill work, like making plugins or freelance work, which can land some extra cash when your Sim is feeling less than up for it — all without the risk that hacking entails.


Each server that your Sim hacks, however, has a different level of Simoleans that can be hacked from it. These are risky, however, and Sims have chances of ruining their computers with all the hacking attempts. Perhaps a trip to the library is worth it for those Sims on a budget who have a knack for hacking.


  1. Wishing for It


If you have the Romantic Garden Stuff Pack, you have the option of placing the Whispering Wishing Well on your lot and trying out a wish every 8 hours — so, pretty much a workday, right? If you make sure your Whispering Wishing Well is happy by having your Sim offer at least §1,000 to it, you have a higher likelihood of having positive outcomes. If you receive a positive outcome, your Sim will make back that “investment.” Even luckier, if your Sim happens to win the lottery through the well, they’ll receive §10,000! How’s that for not working? Watch out, though: get a negative, overwhelmingly negative, or the death outcome and your Sim could be losing §2,500 or more — their life.


  1. Mooching

Again, for those Sims without such a guilty conscious, one way your Sim can make money is by repeatedly asking friends and family for loans. Once your Sim reaches level 7 of the charisma skill, they can ask for a small §500 loan; they’re able to ask for a large §2000 loan at level 9 charisma. Make sure your relationship level with them is high enough before asking for a large loan. However, when it comes to small loans, it seems as though if the conversation is going well enough, even acquaintances might fork over some cash to help out a fellow Sim. The bonus here is the lack of need to repay the loans — that is, until your Sim has asked everyone in town already! Sims only give one small and one large loan until you repay them. After you pay back the favor, you can ask again.



  1. Collecting


Collecting is also a good way to make Simoleans because of the Collector trait and the Aspiration that accompanies it. All your Sim has to do is travel around different lots, dig, search for frogs, and fish — perfect for an outdoorsy Sim. If you have the Outdoor Retreat Game Pack as well, you also have the ability to search for insects. All of your findings can be turned in for Simoleans through your Inventory tab, with rare finds earning the most. Sims can even start in their own neighborhoods without traveling anywhere, but eventually, they will have to. Sims can find fossils, crystals, metals, and elements all from dig spots — and it all adds up. And if your Sim prefers to be in space than on the ground, there’s even more money to be made. (While you’re at it, check out our collections guide.)


  1. Gardening

If your Sim has more of a green thumb, gardening is a substantial way to earn some income. It does take some know-how in order to keep up with which plants need to be grafted in order to create the most profitable farm for your Sim. (Thank goodness for our handy guide here!) Without grafting, the most profitable plant your Sim can get is the blackberry, which is found in Oasis Springs. Since you can receive up to 10 items per harvest, the blackberry can give you up a hefty sum per bush, and even higher with a “Very Nice” quality, every four days. Tomatoes are the quickest to farm, taking 24 in-game hours. Work on your gardening skill and tend to your plants well, and you can have a nice farm going when all is said and done!


  1. Woodworking


With a bit of the handiness skill and some elbow grease, your Sim can be the next Ron Swanson. Sims do need to put down an initial materials cost for each item they make, but as long as your Sim remains Focused and builds up their skill, their carpentry will end up making them a steady income on their schedule. Your Sim will start out small with knife blocks and small sculptures, but the higher the handiness skill, the more objects your Sim will be able to create. Bathtubs take only about an hour to make, and they sell for at least §1,500. With Outdoor Retreat, your Sim can also learn how to make the mascot sculpture at Granite Falls, which warrants around the same profit as the bathtub.



  1. Baking

Baking is a fun way to utilize the cooking skill and, with the Get to Work expansion pack, your Sim’s baking skill. Once your Sim hits level 9 cooking, the Cupcake Factory machine is a great way to earn some income as you have the option to “Sell to Local Bakery” once the cupcakes or pastries are finished. If you have the Get to Work Expansion Pack, your Sim has a whole new set of recipes that are added to the machine, providing even more profit and variety. Eclairs and the Baconing Cupcakes are the most profitable out of the two sets of recipes, though they may be too delicious for your Sim to resist before selling to the bakery!

What other fun ways to make money did we miss? Have you tried these before? Let us know in the comment section below!