The Sims 4: Another Triple Boost Week Challenge Coming Soon

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With the release of today’s Sims 4 Game Patch, we have now learned that a brand new Triple Boost Week Challenge will be heading to the game in the near future. Within the game files is a brand new image (first seen on SimGuruSteve’s compter about a week ago) and some information about what this boost will do for our Sims.

Triple Boost Week: All About Satisfaction

Boost Satisfaction, Delay Needs!

Earn rewards 3x faster!

This week only, help your Sims earn rewards faster and give them more time for fun! Just find your good friend Jasmine Holiday. She’ll give your Sim a triple satisfaction boost and slow down your Sims’ physical needs. Less trips to the bathroom, less time sleeping, and less eating means more time to earn points and have fun.



There is no official information about when this challenge will go live, but based on the Turkey in the background, I would assume sometime in the month of November. 🙂