The Sims 4: Best Simlit Legacy Stories

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Ever since Pinstar1161 started the legacy challenge way back in the days of The Sims 2, thousands of simmers have not only adopted this challenge as a way to make their game even more exciting, but it has also been used as a fascinating story starter in the world of simlit.

Most legacies start off the same way: buying a huge plot of land and keeping a small amount of cash, the sim is challenged to live in poverty, acquiring wealth slowly via the meager limits of the game. Whatever fortune the sim gains in their lifetime is then passed down to an heir through the use of rules the player decides (see Pinstar’s Legacy Succession Laws ). What happens is often very interesting—so interesting, in fact, that it creates a bonanza of conflict—something every great story needs. Over the years, simlit authors have capitalized on this hardship, creating some exciting and surprising twists in their stories.


The following is a list of the best legacy stories written to date. It is littered with teenaged angst, gorgeous love stories, funny banter, and even a ghost or two (or three or more!) You may have other stories we do not list here, but feel free to give a shout out to your favorites! We love to read new tales!

So, grab your popcorn and throw away that cozy book, because here’s some captivating reading that won’t cost you a cent!



In the first generation, author Maladi777 uses the standard legacy format where she follows her sims without much story prose. But when the next gen hits, the story takes off. In the second generation, the legacy heir, Andrew Heffner, meets up with Babs L’Amour—a snobbish sim who falls in love and continues the Heffner brood. All goes along satisfactorily with two of the children—Bato and Beryl—where they age up to young adult, but then Babs has triplets and that’s where a fascinating mystery begins. Someone steals one of the babies and gives the Heffner’s a ransom note!

Generation 3 heir, Beryl Heffner, with famous bad boy Tony “Meatball” Corleonesi.

A handsome hitman by the name of Tony “Meatball” Corleonesi blasts onto the scene, capturing not only the heart of Beryl but also many fans. He is one character many can never forget and if nothing else, people should read it just for the eye candy alone.

Tony “Meatball” Corleonesi doing what he does best.



This legacy story is a spin off from an amazing read in its own right, DUST TO DUST, which follows the emotional rollercoaster  of a little boy who falls in love with a ghost. In this legacy, author, CitizenErased14, masterfully creates a realistic world full of intricate relationships, difficult choices, and heavy drinking. The characters are so fully fleshed out that many fans become irate when their favorites mess things up, much to the author’s delight.

Mari Rosebrook telling off her son. Let the guilt begin!

The legacy starts out with founder, Alex Rosebrook, breaking off from his loving parents and traveling across the world to Windenburg to make his own mark in the world, trying to flee from the shadows of fame that both of his parents’ families represent. There, he meets party girl, Jade Rosa, and what follows is copious amounts of drunken nights, woo hoo, and head pounding hangovers. Ultimately, Alex falls in love, but what is so great about this story is the connection to the characters we feel as we read how they go about resolving conflict or in what we like to call “The Rosebrook Way”, running from it. It’s a highly addictive read you won’t want to put down.

Ohh…something went down at the wedding in the third generation. You will have to read to see what is going on, but we can assure you–all kinds of drama!



Camille Thoreau is a driven person who knows what she wants–to be the best gamer at Rainy Day Entertainment and to find true love with a man or a woman. What follows is a whirlwind saga of love, heartache, and redemption as author Joie Wilder, weaves a poetic love story between two women. These matriarchs bring children into the world, launching the next generation and an interesting battle of exes and family.

Camille Thoreau marries doctor Shirley Hines.

In the next generation, what is interesting, one of the children actually has a connection to Ashes to Ashes in a surprising twist you won’t want to miss! The authors of these two stories collaborate often so it’s an extra bonus much to the delight of their fans.


There are many more wonderful legacy stories that we’d like to highlight, but really don’t have time (or space) to do them justice. We will leave the links here so you can check them out yourselves. Over the holidays, you will have plenty to read leisurely on your mobile device with the added bonus of giving you ideas on how to amp up your sim playing. Who knows? You may want to start a legacy drama yourself!



THE BLOOMER LEGACY: A NEWCREST LEGACY STORY by The Plumbob–follow nine generations as they fill Newcrest, forging it into a thriving town.

THE PRUETT LEGACY by Jes2G–hilariously written, this story is completed through ten generations with an added after party bonus.

THE SKINNER SAGA by Roseinbloom–a completed legacy story that has garnered many fans and accolades.

THE SLOANE LEGACY by EddieSims–an ongoing saga through generation five.

THE HUFFMAN LEGACY by ra3rei–a different tale through several generations. Highly recommended.

GRACE–A BUILD NEWCREST LEGACY by Sterretjeee– the ongoing building of relationships and lots through three generations and counting.