The Sims 4 Gallery Spotlight


Winter Wonderland

Walking through a winter wonderland of themed festive locations is a wonderful way to celebrate the holidays.  Enjoy all sorts of group activities in every neighborhood with these charming merry venues.  Each are custom content free and available for download in the Gallery.  Jingle Bells!

1. Christmas Restaurant by Simmer_Mum, §117,655

A cozy place for a formal meal, this single story establishment features several fireplaces, an outdoor bar, and excellent food.


2. Winter Wonderland by AndrewsArcade, §125,351

A fun filled day for all can be found at this delightful amusement center.  The grounds include a train with photo shoot area within, a karaoke stage, crafting area with workbenches and children’s art desks, dance floor, DJ booth, bubble blowing, puppet stage, foosball, game table, wishing well, restrooms, fire pit and seating, chocolate fountain and goodie plate, performer’s space, and tea/hot drink food stall.


3. ***Christmas Festival*** by sylsims, §134,092

This darling festival inspires Sim holiday spirit.  The grounds include a charming Santa photo opportunity, a brilliant dance floor that resembles an ice rink, performer’s space, chocolate fountain, bubble blowing, several food stalls: tea/hot drink, fast food, cupcake, and swag booth; the buildings house restrooms, a small church, and a retail shop with holiday decor and gifts.


4. Christmas Wedding by jcraft618, §158,019

Holiday happiness brings out the romantic in some Sims, so why not take advantage of the season and marry?  This charming wedding venue offers a chic rustic chapel, kitchen and bar, bathroom, and garden reception area with fountain, piano, chocolate fountain and seating for all the guests.


5. Romantic Christmas Park by luckyheather, §205,293

For those couples yearning for a bit of romance this holiday season, they can rest and relax (while they save money for a babysitter) at this inviting, fabulously fun park offers a dining area with barbecues, popcorn maker, and seating, horseshoes, easel, fire pit, darts, chess board, camping area with tents, bar, fertilizable bush, and cooler.  The buildings are a restroom, a bar with foosball on the first floor, a bedroom and en suite bath on the second floor, and a sauna on the third floor.  All this and there’s also a play area for the children with monkey bars, dollhouse, art desk, and game table.


6. Sven’s Christmas Market by whatasimhouse, §232,262

Bring everyone together and enjoy a night of holiday cheer.  This delightful market features a restaurant with private dining hall, a small specialty gift shop, sitting area with fireplace and television, restrooms, sauna, hot tub, tent, fertilizable bush, holiday photo area, piano and violin concert stage, cupcake bakery, and coffee bar.


7. Sento & Pagoda Gym Xmas by jo871, §277,225

Relieve holiday stress by visiting this merry spa and gym.  There are two buildings; the first has a reception area, men’s bath and women’s bath.  The second floor has a men’s lounge and women’s lounge; both have a game table, jukebox, and fireplace, while the men’s lounge also includes a television.  The second building has a gym on the first floor with treadmills and televisions, weight benches, and punching bags.  The second floor holds a juice bar, locker room, and restrooms.  The third floor includes dining room and kitchen.  The grounds have a small space behind the first building with garden planters and monkey bars.


8. Christmas Garden Cafe by svlyn2, §496,626

Based on Butchard’s Garden in Victoria B.C., Canada, this whimsical cafe is utterly charming.  The first building for the cafe holds the outdoor seating and indoor dining room with fireplace.  The second building hosts the coffee bar, game table, chess board, and restrooms.  The grounds are spectacular!  The garden scape is peppered with Christmas trees and has a long staircase leading to the lower part of the gardens with shrub lined paths and DJ booth.  A center tower has a landing with Christmas tree and easels that lend to amazing paintings of the fountains, holiday lights, and trees.


9. Stargazer Christmas Spa by BabyTigger2001, §635,394

Gaze down at the lights of the city from the treadmill in this magnificent view maximizing spa.  The first floor has a spacious workout area with yoga mats, treadmills, punching bags, stereos, as well as seating areas near drink bars, coffee makers, popcorn makers, ice cream makers, chocolate fountains, and outdoor chess boards.  Additional seating areas include sectional sofas and wide screen televisions.  The second floor holds a lounge with piano, guitars, microphone, and bar, a dance floor with DJ booth, chocolate fountain, and karaoke, a sauna, massage rooms, and dual balcony access to rooftop swimming pools with either yoga mats or meditation stools, and another two balconies, one with game table, bubble blowing, and bookcases; the other with outdoor seating for the DJ area and barbecue.  The third floor has a restaurant, chocolate fountains and goodies, basketball court, and balconies; one with hot tub and one with massage chairs.


10. Christmas Town 2016 by BrienneOfTarth, §784,639

Santa and his elves have been hard at work this season, and here’s the proof!  This fantastic little town is just right for Santa and the Mrs. and their elves, or a unique place to host a fun gathering.  The main building is for the big guy.  The first floor has a reception room with computer, restroom, dining room with fireplace, and a spacious kitchen with access to the cupcake makers in the basement.  The second floor holds Santa’s workrooms with workbenches and toy shelves, restrooms, and Santa’s office with fireplace and toy box.  The third floor has the magnificent main Christmas tree.  The buildings flanking Santa’s pad are a studio home for an elf with kitchen area, dining area, bedroom area, and bathroom.  The next building is a bar with standard bar and coffee bar; seating upstairs.  The next elfin home has a bedroom with bookcase and bathroom.  The next has a kitchen, bedroom, and bathroom on the first floor and a living room and art room with easel on the second floor.  The last home has a kitchen and dining area on the first floor, and a bedroom and bathroom on the second floor.