The Sims 4: How to Woo Bella Goth

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We’ve been fortunate to get to know a lot of townies in our time. Some quirky, some mysterious, some downright annoying (Crumplebottom anyone?).  But, most of us can agree that few are as recognizable or as irreplaceable as our beloved Bella Goth. Whether it’s her exotic looks or her mysterious past, she’s definitely a Sim that demands attention. She’s also one-half of a particularly fascinating love affair. One that we’ve followed from the grade school days in Sunset Valley to its most recent rendition taking place on the streets of Willow Creek. It’s quite common to see the Gomez and Morticia-esque twosome flaunting their love on just about any unseasonably perfect Summer day in the Creek.

However, just like most of the great love affairs that we can’t get enough of, as much as we love them we also harbor a tad bit of secret jealousy. After all, who didn’t want to shove Rose off that raft and save Jack? Amirite?!?!


So, to do my due diligence in finding out what it takes to fill the shoes of the debonair Goth patriarch I enlisted the help of a few friends, all with a special interest in wooing the brunette beauty and all with a different plan of action.

Meet Jozlyn Forbes, Brandon Mathis, and Miles Posey. Jozlyn is a self-assured Public Relations Coordinator, with a knack for writing scintillating blog posts and being the last one to leave The Shrieking Llama and still can locate her shoes the next morning. Brandon is a true bro through and through. He’s a straight shooter who claims to be able to do more pushups than Chuck Norris himself. Brandon’s attention span isn’t the best, so we don’t argue. And last but not least, Miles Posey, a genius up-and-coming scientist at FutureSim Labs. Miles is a soft-spoken bookworm with an out-of-this-world intellect.

After settling into a modern upscale rental across the road from the Goth mansion our three fervent Sims wasted no time introducing themselves to their new neighbors. Though first impressions seemed to go well, it also seemed that Bella had a strong message for our friends.


It should come as no surprise that Brandon was the first to take the plunge. True to form Brandon went after Bella with a sort of recklessness that some might find endearing.

Okay, I said some.

Countless late-night calls only left Brandon with a ringing sensation in his ear. Though he found Bella in the chat rooms every night, his private messages were always ignored. He tried showing her his moves at a party down by The Bluffs and Bella ever-so-smoothly danced away into a safe circle of friends. He conveniently popped over for a visit any time he saw Mortimer step out. But, Bella just wasn’t interested. In fact, after a kind young officer served Brandon some papers that he didn’t want to talk about, he decided that enough was enough. He threw in the towel and headed down to The Shrieking Llama to let off some steam and try to forget about his lady in red.

But, all is well that ends well, at least that’s what they say. After a few late nights at the Llama, our favorite bro eventually moved on. One particularly lively Ladies’ Night Brandon met someone who appreciated his direct approach and un-manscaped beard and didn’t seem to mind his aversion to wearing pants.


Jozlyn had a much different approach in mind from the beginning. She took it slow and developed a deep friendship with Bella. They went jogging together, watched movies together, and became regulars for Karaoke Ladies’ Night at the Llama. They were practically inseparable and shared everything from inside jokes to Landgraab gossip. Though just a tad obsessive, Jozlyn never shared her true intentions until she was sure that their bond was unshakable.

When she was ready to make her move she chose to meet Bella at the Von Haunt Estate Gardens. They took a long stroll just before it starting getting dark. Jozlyn thought that having a maze between herself and Bella’s one exit was also a pretty good call. She professed her feelings in one long overdue breath…

It was almost too horrible to watch. To say that she crashed and burned would be putting it lightly. Bella, an expert at contouring and labyrinths, maneuvered through the gardens and disappeared before Jozlyn had a chance to smooth things over. She didn’t return Jozlyn’s calls for weeks and feigned a cold for two consecutive Ladies’ Nights. Eventually, Jozlyn got up the nerve to confront Bella and talk it out. The two could agree that they should remain just friends and things went back to the way they were before. Well, all except Bella never dared to venture into the gardens with Jozlyn after dark again.


Miles decided to create his own version of playing hard to get. He claimed that it was because he thought it was a foolproof strategy but deep down I think we all knew that it was mostly because he’s extremely shy and spends more time talking to robots than humans.  He focused on his career and personal achievements. He earned promotion after promotion and made remarkable breakthroughs in the Scientific realm. He brought his work home with him and worked late nights often going to work the next day on not much more than a few cups of coffee. Then it happened. Who knows if it was the view of the Retro Rocketship that Miles was erecting in his front yard or the rumors that he’d visited Sixam, but it paid off. Bella started texting and calling. She wanted to spend time with Miles and she didn’t care how, from the Goth mansion to the Circus, she tried it all.

What happened next should come as no surprise, but just in case you’re the kind of person that hasn’t guessed the ending of a Romantic Comedy ten minutes in, I’ll give you the details. Once Miles knew that Bella was interested he found playing hard to get to be impossible. He took her up on one of her invitations and it didn’t take long before the sparks were flying. A little star gazing and one electrifying kiss later and the wooing of Bella Goth was no longer a mystery.

Oh… Mortimer? Don’t worry about him. He lived a long, happy life with Bella. Miles had more than one strategy up his sleeve. It seems that some of the stuff he was working on at the lab ending up being very beneficial in ensuring that he had a long, long time to woo Bella.