The Sims 4 Gallery Spotlight


Fantastic Farms

Growing a garden for a hobby can be fun, but growing it for an income is mega profitable.  Settle on the ideal farm home and start gathering the simoleons.  Each of these homes are available for download in the Gallery and custom content free.  Enjoy!


1. 1860s Prairie Sod House by Tiarella4, §11,098

Challenge your idea of game play and reap the rewards of a labor of love in this ready to harvest farm.  Rows upon rows of plants and trees of almost every variety await tender care from a loving gardener.  The main house has a campfire fireplace, a sleeping area and dining set.  The outhouse is behind the garden.  A decorative water well is situated in front of the home.



2. Little Cottage Big Garden by jjjsim4, §19,998

Charming in every way, this darling farmhouse has a humble interior and an exterior full of plants to harvest.  The first floor has an open floor plan with a living area including fireplace and stereo, a dining set, a kitchen area, and a bathroom.  The second floor has a master bedroom with fireplace and a child’s room with bookcase.  The grounds feature a fishing pond, almost every plant, and a private route to the Forgotten Grotto.



3. Back to Basics by WinnieZenn, §37,481

A simpler life awaits at this enchantingly cozy cottage.  The home has a living area with television and tablet, an eat-in kitchen, a bathroom, and a bedroom.  The grounds offer a manageable amount of garden plots ready for planting.



4. Small Farm by courtnizzles459, §43,549

Wonderfully tended, this farm offers magnificent to perfect plants and trees, many of them rare, ready for harvest.  The living is simple under a pergola with bedroom area, kitchen area, and bathroom area with a dining table near a barbecue in the front garden.  A few harvests from this stunning array of plants will leave lots of simoleons for upgrades.



5. Bessie’s Lil Farmhouse by Vathica, §70,611

A comfy home for a family, this farmhouse’s first floor has an open floor plan including living room with fireplace, television, kitchen and dining area; the front porch holds the chess board.  The second floor has a bathroom, child’s room, and master bedroom with computer.  The grounds have a tidy garden, horseshoe pit, campfire, barbecue, and pond.



6. Heirmloom Seed Co – Plants by Brennachan, §102,147

Nestled amongst the pine trees, this welcoming cabin offers three types of game play; one, residential, two, live-in retail, or three, a community garden.  The first building is the retail space with a cash register ready counter, fireplace, and half bath on the first floor.  The second floor has a bar, log seating area and stereo.  The second building is a cozy cabin with a living area with fireplace, kitchenette, dining set, and a bathroom and master bedroom in the rear.  The third building is another small cabin with a guitar and workbench on the large porch, and a bathroom and a bedroom with two beds inside.  The grounds are filled with plants of all varieties ready to harvest and a campfire.


7. Une Petite Ferme Perdue by Shoumira, §107,062

Beautiful wraparound porches encompass this charming country home.  The first floor has a living room with fireplace, television, bookcases, and a writing nook, an eat-in kitchen, a bathroom, and the master bedroom.  The second floor has a children’s bedroom with two beds, and an en suite bath.  The grounds offer a fishing pond, a fenced garden with all perfect plants, a pen for the cow plant, a barbecue and patio dining set, and a swimming pool.  The shed has a workbench and a child’s chemistry set.



8. Acorn Acres by KMacGregor, §110,307

Waiting for a family to lovingly guide it back to full bloom, this farm has been somewhat neglected.  The home’s first floor has a living room with fireplace, eat-in kitchen, child’s room with computer, and half bathroom.  The second floor has a bathroom, master bedroom with easel, bedroom with double bed, and a bedroom with two single beds.  The barn is a storage area with assorted everything.  The grounds are slightly overgrown with several garden planters and a mossy pond.



9. Cozy Cabin by CheyenneRumsley, §115,364

Surrounded by flowers, this enchanting cabin welcomes solitude seeking Sims.  The first floor has a living area with fireplace and guitar, a computer nook, an eat-in kitchen with at island seating, a bathroom, and a master bedroom.  The second floor has a living room with television and bookcase, plus a bathroom.  The grounds include many garden planters ready for planting, easel, wishing well, chess board, workbench, horseshoe pit, punching bag, campfire, cooler, and a swimmable pond.



10. Aunt Jo’s Farm V2 by silrosse, §133,505

A cozy country charmer, this darling farmhouse with wide welcoming porches and a barn is beautifully picturesque.  The first floor has a living room with fireplace, bookcases, television, and stereo, an eat-in kitchen with computer nook, and half bathroom.  The second floor holds a master bedroom, child’s room with toy box and bookcase, a second child’s room with toybox and en suite bath, and a full bathroom. The stone floored barn has a workbench inside, and a chess board on the porch.  The grounds offer a few cage free chickens, monkey bars, and a large garden plot with trees, plants, and lots of space for expansion.   Silrosse’s original version, Aunt Jo’s Farm, can be downloaded here.  This wonderfully designed home has inspired many creators, such as A Farmers House by Grasveldjie, §103,307.