Feedback Requested: Give Maxis Your Sims 4 Eco Living Suggestions

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SimGuruKimmi is asking players to give object and CAS suggestions that can serve as inspiration for The Sims 4 Eco Living’s Concept Artists. Have a specific type of outfit or bookshelf you want to see in game? Head over to this post and leave your suggestions.

Hey everyone! The concept artists are interested in seeing what kind of objects and CAS you would like to see around the Stuff Pack theme of ‘eco-living’! Keeping in mind of the country-ish feel, please post your wishlist/suggestions with references (we artists are visual people, and references are helpful).


OBJ: Object suggestions must be MIMICS. They have to be an object class we already have in the game. For example: sofa, table, bookshelf, shower, stereo, wood working bench, etc. Clutter objects are perfectly fine as long as it does not imply gameplay. It needs to still follow the same technical placement/animation rules as existing items, without holding alt or using cheats like moveobjects.

Please do not suggest objects we do not have in game yet. Objects with new gameplay, animations, or functionality are things you will be getting to place a vote on June 23rd.

CAS: CAS suggestions can include hair, accessories, shoes, tops, bottoms, and body (one piece outfits like suits, dresses, overalls, etc).


Remember references help us see what kind of style you are suggesting. When you post an image, be sure to point out what you like about it. Is it the material? Colors? Design? Also think about the style of the furniture/clothing. How does it all tie in together? As a wholistic pack, how does this fit into the ‘eco-living’ theme? This is a perfect opportunity to share your vision of what ‘eco-living’ means to you in an artistic view. All the references you provide will serve as inspiration for the artists and hopefully lead us into the right direction.