The Sims 4 Fitness Stuff: Official Product Info & Gameplay Features

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With the release of today’s Sims 4 Game Patch comes some additional information about the upcoming Sims 4 Fitness Stuff Pack. Below you will find the official game description, along with some additional gameplay features.

Elevate your Sim’s fitness and embody an active lifestyle with The Sims™ 4 Fitness Stuff. Challenge your Sims to scale the rock climbing treadmill as a fun way to burn energy and improve their physique. Choose from a collection of fashionable activewear, and decorate your Sim’s home with nature-inspired objects and décor. Make sure to get the recommended amount of protein to support your fitness goals.


Scale the Climbing Wall – Improve your Sim’s fitness skills and physique by ascending the all-new rock climbing treadmill. Complete climbing challenges, compete for the high score, and learn advanced bouldering techniques that’ll leave spectators in awe.

Get Fit in Style – Dress your Sims in athleisure apparel that’ll inspire them to reach their fitness goals. Choose an outfit from the collection of vibrant tops and bottoms, then pop in some earbuds like the best skullcandy earbuds and hit the gym, or wear the new look out on the town.

Decorate with Modern Nature – Invite the outdoors into your Sim’s home with nature-inspired objects and décor that convey a sense of motion. Build a spacious fitness studio to watch workout videos, or create a modern bathroom space that’s perfect for a post-exercise soak.


• Earbuds can be ordered from a computer. They’re great for enjoying music on the go!

• You don’t need expensive and bulky workout equipment to stay in shape; try a workout video on your TV.

• Successfully completing all of the endurance climb challenges on the Rock Wall grants access to a dangerous fire climb.