The Sims 4 Eco Living Stuff: “Laundry Group” Wins Gameplay Feature Vote

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SimGuruGraham has just announced the winning feature group from the “Gameplay Features” survey! In the forum post below, SimGuruGraham officially announces Laundry as the winning feature group, and gives us some additional info on development. The next vote starts September 6th, and that vote determines the official icon for the game.

Hello Simmers! Let’s get right to it…

Laundry is the winning group of gameplay features that we’ll create for this upcoming Stuff Pack, after capturing the most votes from this community! In fact, when we examined the outcome across the different regions that voted, the results were almost entirely aligned. Nearly everyone voted for the options in the following order…

  1. Laundry
  2. Off the Grid
  3. Food Preserves
  4. Carbon Conscious

The only exception to this result came from players in Russia, where Food Preserves swapped places with Off the Grid by a slim margin.

With these results in hand, we have a clear path forward for this pack. In the coming weeks our Stuff Pack designer will get to work writing full designs for Washers, Dryers, Clotheslines, Wash Tubs, and Hampers. I’m looking forward to sharing those full designs with you, so that we can collaborate on the little details which are so important to creating a fun – and full – Sims experience.

You also have two more votes to look forward to, now with concrete dates on when they will occur. The Pack Icon Vote will start on September 6th, followed by the Pack Title Vote starting September 13th, where we will select the final name for this Stuff Pack.

In the meantime, watch for more in-depth looks into game development right here on this forum. In the coming weeks I’ll be sharing more art, showing off the hairstyles that will come with this pack, discussing the process we follow internally to get from the initial brainstorm to the feature groups you voted on, and more!