Confirmed: Sims 4 (PC) DLC to be Rolled Out for Console

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If the Sims 4 Console FAQ and various blogs were not clear enough today, SimGuruDrake has solidified that Maxis intends to roll some of the available DLC from The Sims 4 on PC to console. This means that current (and future) Stuff, Game, and Expansion Packs will most likely be considered to port for players on console as well.

SimGuruLyndsay also stated in today’s blog that future content for consoles will mirror the PC game. These statements confirm PC and Console base games are one in the same.


“Upon The Sims 4’s release on Xbox One and PlayStation 4 this November, Maxis and the team at Blind Squirrel Games plan on revisiting our current lineup of extra DLC to bring over some of the best experiences to console on a regular basis, but we plan to start providing players periodic game updates that mirrors some of the latest content we’ve released for PC, delivering new features, and continuing to improve your game experience.”