The Sims 4 Eco-Living Stuff: Washer/Dryer Concept & New Info

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SimGuruGraham just finished up with some Implementation Review Meetings today with regard to the community stuff pack project. From this meeting he has given us our first look at Washers and Dryers for the Stuff Pack, and some new information on the pack. 

Today we start the final step of pre-production, Implementation Review meetings. In IR meetings, we review object block models, animation state machines, and “STeDIOs” (Sims 4 Technical Design & Implementation Outline).


IRs are how we ensure that the preliminary work done by each dev discipline is aligned, so that work on each feature can begin in earnest. Since Implementation Review meetings are to assess how pre-pro work impacts each discipline, we made a few tweaks to the concept seen here.

Washer/Dryer concept art that we reviewed in today’s IR meeting. This sketch will provide the basic idea for our modeler to work from. Because we’re modeling these objects internally, we don’t have to render the sketch as thoroughly as when we send art to external partners.

Notably, both doors will have glass & open in the same direction, the buttons will be identical, and the display will have wet/dry symbols. I’m also happy to share that you’ll have the option to stack the dryer on top of the washing machine, for extra space saving configurations.


Finally, after finishing our design meetings and scoping the pack, it was clear that we wouldn’t have time to add functional ironing boards. That said, all of the objects you voted for – Washers, Dryers, Hampers, Clotheslines, and Wash Tubs will be included in the community SP.