My Favorite Ways To Die in The Sims 4


Everyone has had at least one death occur in The Sims 4, (don’t lie to yourself, you know it’s more like 20,000), but how many of those deaths were unexpected and actually made you think, “Did that really just happen?!?”

Are you aware of the many ways you can die in The Sims 4? Chances are, you probably haven’t experienced them all…unless of course you’re some psychopathic sim killer. No judgement. 😉 We are ALL Sim murderers at heart, so let’s get down to business.


10. How Embarrassing!

This man was relentless. In a matter of hours, he walked in on her twice, made fun of her violin skills and proceeded to have a very awkward conversation with her.

Yes. Sims can actually be so mortified that they DIE! I’ve felt as if I was going to die from embarrassment in some real life situations, but for it to actually be a way to croak? Seems very unlikely in the real world but it happens in The Sims!

9. Death by Starvation!

In case you can’t actually tell. There are three Sims locked in a pretty small room, with literally nothing. These Sims were just particularly annoying neighbors that I decided I didn’t want to deal with anymore. I could have gone into manage worlds and deleted them but what’s the fun in that?

Now some deaths are intentional by YOU the player (wink, wink, nudge, nudge), but others happen by complete surprise. Imagine running out to walk your dog and coming back to your whole family nearly starving to death because you forgot to make 10 family servings of hot dogs for them to live off of…


I’m not sure that your Sims can actually “accidentally” starve to death, because even with autonomy off, they will do what it takes to survive. I supposed they could glitch out and get stuck somewhere and silently starve to death, but most hunger deaths are intentional.

8. Fiery Death Trap!

*Ahem* excuse me. I mean a truly tragic house fire. This fiery death can actually be a pretty common occurrence through no fault of your own, but it can also intentional. You have probably “tried” to do this and frustratingly failed, or it has constantly occurred to you during that un-paused 5 minute bathroom break you took.


This death took a little turn and ended up killing my neighbor as well. He came to the door to apparently welcome me to the neighborhood, and then ended up catching on fire outside of my house when the flames spread. Whoops.

7. Cardiac Explosion

He is so insanely angry! If I was fighting with someone and they started doing that, I would run before they turn green! (haha, bad joke) I seriously think she was just a really bad person or maybe she couldn’t control herself either.

I find it very hard not to laugh at this next death. Yes it’s sad because this is a very real thing and could totally happen, but on the other hand, it’s just a game so let’s not take it TOO seriously. Someone could get hurt!

Get hurt? Say what? Yep! In this case, a woman was relentlessly trying to make another Sim mad, he caught her cheating, and then SHE beat HIM up when he yelled at her about it. It was quite a scene.


6. Steamed Rice!

I guess it’s a good thing that you can’t use the sauna nude because boy would that have been embarrassing!! She had a towel on though so… lucky her.. Or, well I guess not lucky her. However you want to look at it.

Oh wait, no. Just a steamed Sauna. This death was added with The Sims 4 Spa Day, and I really wasn’t aware of this death until it happened to me out of nowhere. Make sure you remember to take your Sims out there once in a while…or not.


5. Old Age!

I believe she had around 10 children at that point and she died right in front of half of them. Her youngest was the most affected by it. She actually cried herself to sleep for the next several nights. This death was probably my hardest death.

Old age.. Enough said right? They say that it would be the “best” way to go. You’ve lived your life fully. Blaaah, blaah, blaaah. Right? It’s still a pretty darn hard death to experience.

4. Pufferfish Nigiri!

I can just imagine that this grim reaper is rolling his eyes. If.. he.. has.. them?

Let’s move onto something a bit lighter. How about some weird deaths? I’ve got a couple of those so let’s just get right to them. I myself am not a fan of seafood, but I’m also not a fan of food poisoning. This Sim was just asking for both!


Can you imagine someone coming up to you and saying “Hey you hungry? I know of this food that could possibly kill you if you eat it!”. Yeaaaaa…No thanks. No, seriously, get that thing away from me.

3. When Plants Attack!

Your love of cake got the best of you. It’s alright though, it happens to the best of us.

Have you ever even had the desire to own a plant that could EAT and KILL you? I don’t even understand the concept of this thing. I’m way too afraid to own one when playing with my regular households, so I created a “test” Sim just to try this death out.

I guess it’s true. You are what you they eat. That isn’t necessarily always true though. They eat other things too. You just forgot to feed him those other things.


2. Death by Electrocution!

Poor Bert, he couldn’t just use the computer RIGHT next to that one instead.

We are coming up on a death that has only happened to me once! The computer broke and my Sim decided not to spend the extra cash to have a repairman fix it.

Electrocution!!! Zaaaaap! CRACKLE! He was warned to stay away for a bit, but decided to finish the job…literally.

1. DOL! (Dying of Laughter)

Now that I’m looking at the picture, I imagine it might actually be a painful death. Ah well, it’s still a funny way to go!

The last death of this list is one that literally has me in tears! You’ve probably already guessed what it is. Who wouldn’t want to LOL to death?

I’ve used the phrase “I’m dying of laughter!!” too many times in life, but this is an actual way to die in The Sims 4. The creators just had to give us more ways to kill our Sims so why not let them die in a way that is fun for the Sim too?


This concludes my favorite ways to die in The Sims 4. I look forward to all the crazy ways we may be able to kill our Sims in the future!