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Do you sometimes feel like your life consists of working the same-old job while living in the
same-old tlc-needing apartment, without much room for change? Well, look no further! Here is a list of fun things you can do to spice up your dull existence. (And don’t worry about your friends finding out that you’re looking for help from this article; the chances are your fellow Sims are reading it too!)

“Hey, neighbor!”

Why not try what our expert Dr. Mortimer Goth has suggested, and take a few days off work to travel around the world. Expand your horizons and visit every place you ever thought of but never found the right time to go. And yes, that does include Forgotten Hollow, so Sim-up and get exploring! Why not say hi to the residents there too and make lots of new friends on your journey. “It’s really great fun – I tried it myself only last month,” Dr. Goth explained, “Just make sure you don’t annoy the undead folk.” Now that’s what everyone calls good advice.



Go on vacation

Although similar to the idea above, it would definitely be a good idea to just relax for a week or so, even at home if you don’t fancy travelling all the way to Granite Falls. And no one would blame you if you’d just had a worldwide trip either, so that’s a bonus! Then again, make sure your boss is okay with you taking more time off. On a brighter note, you could even incorporate this vacation into the first idea; making friends even when you’re on vacation. Do try fishing when you’re out at Granite Falls though, I hear it’s such fun!


Are we done yet?

As Architect Spencer Lambert has often vlogged about on SimTube, “building and refurbishing houses and apartments is absolutely thrilling. Particularly when you’re done, ‘cause then you can simply lay down on your new bed and relax after a hard day’s work.” So why not try rebuilding or refurbishing your house or apartment, (if you’re lucky enough to have simoleons leftover from that incredible vacation you just had). Maybe all you need is a change of décor or even a whole new kitchen. Whatever you need you can probably find in your nearest furniture store. If not, then what’s a Sim to do except move to a nicer location? Only joking! Unless that’s what you fancy.

Well, that’s it for today’s issue of “What to do”. Did any of these ideas sound like something your Sims should do? Let us know if there’s anything you think could help give more fun and adventure to a Sim’s life!