Broken Mods for November ’17 Patch/Cats & Dogs EP


New patch is out, which means your mods may need to be updated. As always, you should make sure they are compatible before re-enabling your mods.

Creators will usually state whether their mod needs updated or not in their descriptions. However, for those of you that don’t want to jump from site to site to find out, you can check here!

Note – With Pets installed you may notice mods/cc that were working before, no longer do. As always make backups of your saves!

If you have a mod not listed, please feel free to comment with the mod name(s). This list is updated frequently, so please check to make sure they’re not already listed. 

Before reporting a mod as Incompatible, please test the mod by itself with no other mods/cc installed, thank you!

Thank you everyone for your reports, you’re all awesome! 

NOTE – Mods will not be put into the Compatible section unless the creators state the status of their mods or they’re checked/tested properly.

This list will be updated as the status of these mods changes.

IncompatibleUpdatedCompatibleReported WorkingUnknown/Not Tested ObsoletePrograms


These mods need to be updated, some have just been reported as being broken, so not all are confirmed. To be on the safe side, do not add them back to your game.  You need to re-download updated versions when they’re released. Please be patient with the creators, not all of them can update right away.

General Mods that WILL need updated:

  • Custom Traits – (Personality Traits) Not showing anymore: Tutorial to fix them here.
  • Faster Book Writing Mods
  • Faster Songwriting Mods
  • Homework Mods
  • Lifespan mods
  • More Name Mods
  • No Autonomous Dollhouse Smashing Mods
  • No Autonomous Drink from Sink Mods
  • No Autonomous Grab Drink from Fridge Mods
  • No Autonomous Mourning Mods
  • No Autonomous Sit-up/Push-up Mods
  • No Autonomous Wash Hands Mods

Specific Mods 

  • Mods by Cinderellimouse
    • Archaeology Mod
    • The Junk Mod (Version 1)
  • Mods by coolspear @Sims Asylum
    • cool1_crafting_BindGhostBookOfLife(RH)
    • cool1_doorlocks_CommunityLots
    • cool1_fish_EqualChanceAllFish(cool1Special_AllOthers)
    • cool1_fish_EqualChanceAllFish(cool1Special_My7)
    • cool1_fish_EqualChanceAllFish
    • cool1_traits_UnHiddenTraits_Icons&Text
    • cool1_HomeStereos&HotTubs_AllMusicTypes
    • cool1_traits_AllTraitsInRewardsStore_Free
    • cool1_traits_GetToKnowNoCooldown&LeanrMoreTraits15
    • cool1_traits_MorePersonalityTraitSlots_Todd3_Child15_Teen20_YA&Upwards30
    • cool1_traits_ObservantLearnMoreTraits_50
    • cool1_traits_Add&RemoveTraitsOnSimNonDebug

Other CC Issues

  • Any Custom Objects that would be Pet interactable (Unless you don’t have Pets)
  • Custom Clothes (Some) – Follow Batch Fix Instructions below!
  • Custom Counters
  • Custom Double Mattresses – Follow Batch Fix Instructions below!
  • Custom Hairs – Look weird, colors aren’t what they’re supposed to be
  • Custom Meals (Some may still work)
  • Custom Plants (Those with custom interactions/buffs will need updated)
  • Custom Sofas & Loveseats – Follow Batch Fix Instructions below!
  • Custom Toilets in Venues
  • Makeup for Toddlers/Children no longer work – Download the fix here from Andrew & Orangemittens

!ATTN: Sims 4 Studio needs examples for upcoming batch fixes!

Post from orangemittensItems that have been reported as needing a batch-fix that we still need examples for: toilets, counters, beds and sofas that resist the existing batch-fix, park benches and bathtubs. If you don’t have an item like this yourself, please spread the word around so someone who does knows we need an example.

Batch Fix Instructions – Download the latest version of Sims 4 Studio and install the program. Open Sims 4 Studio, at the top select Tools > Batch Fixes > (Select the Batch fix):

For Sofas, Loveseats, & Mattresses – Objects > Fix Objects for Cats & Dogs Patch

For Clothes – CAS > Update CAS CC Pets Patch

A window will popup make sure your Mods Folder is correct, then click Run. You’ll get a Results box, just click OK and you’re done!

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Theses mods have been updated, please re-download the new versions.


Other Mods

  • Mods by Bienchen @Deichschaf
    • Better Bread
    • Restaurant Sit Tweak
    • Craft Sale Table Fix
    • See the rest of the updated list here.
  • Mods by Cinderellimouse
    • Auto NPCs (Barista and Stall Vendor)
    • More Flea Market Objects
    • Specific Seed Packets (Base Game)
    • Free Bartender and Barista!
    • Portable Basketball Hoop
    • Portable Professional Photography Studio
    • Slippy Slide Plain Recolours
    • Alternate Monster Night Light
    • Gain Hygiene from Bubbly Fountain
    • Storage Crate [TEST VERSION!]
    • More Cinema Stuff
    • Hire Market Vendors for Free
  • Mods by coolspear @Sims Asylum
    • cool1_inventory_PutToysInInventory
    • cool1_jedidishes_YodaSupreme
    • cool1_sim_NapBathPieMenu
    • cool1_sim_NoAutoBrowseBooks
    • cool1_sim_NoAutoCryInClosets&LessTime
    • cool1_sim_NoAutoDanceWithMannequin
    • cool1_sim_NoAutoDrinkFromSink
    • cool1_sim_NoAutoGrabDrinkFridge
    • cool1_sim_NoAutoHugs
    • cool1_sim_NoAutoKickTrashscan
    • cool1_sim_NoAutoMakeBarDrinks(MB)
    • cool1_sim_NoAutoMakeBarDrinksGlobe
    • cool1_sim_NoAutoMourn
    • And more, see full list here!
  • Mods by egureh @MTS
    • More Intimate Emotional Support
    • No Autonomous Rude/Flirty/Enchanting Introductions
    • Easygoing Baby
    • “Work/Study Hard” Gains More Performance
    • Fridge Stores All Harvests
    • Toybox Stores Collectibles
  • Mods by icemunmun @MTS
    • All Harvestables
    • Functional Beekeeper Box
    • Functional Canning Station and Custom Canning Skill – Re-updated 11/12/17 – fixed a transparency issue
    • Debug Gardening Interactions made visible by icemunmun
    • Spooky Cookies – TS4 Edition
    • 4 Custom Toddler Food and Snacks
    • Custom Indian Food – Paratha
    • Cocoa Cravings – Log Cake and Rum Balls
    • Functional candy Dispenser with Edible Candies
  • Mods by JustAnotherSimsFan @Sims Asylum
    • Aliens have human voices
    • Faster computer chat social gain
    • Gender filters for clubs
    • Growfruit tree glow removed
    • Longer interaction queue
    • No autonomous dance to stereo and wall speaker
    • No autonomous push ups, sit ups and stretching
    • Toddlers with level one movement can climb stairs
  • Mods by LittleMsSam
    • Better Nanny (Younger, Regular, Second Nanny & more)
    • More Away Actions & Vampire Fix
    • More Servings Options & Better MealTime Menus
    • Pregnancy Overhaul
    • And much more, see full list here!
  • Mods by necrodog
    • Smoking mod v3
    • Zipline
    • Swing for adults
    • Gymnastic vault
  • Mods by Neia @MTS
    • Biology Career –  Re-updated 11/12/17 to fix save errors
    • Education Career – Re-updated 11/12/17 to fix save errors
    • Military Career – Re-updated 11/12/17 to fix save errors
    • Law Career – Re-updated 11/12/17 to fix save errors
    • No More Relationship Culling
    • Self-Employment Career – Re-updated 11/14/17 – Veterinarian and Breeder added!
    • Less success for Try for Baby
    • More Clubs per Sim
    • More french names for townies and CAS
    • No Brain Freeze
    • No More Relationship Culling
  • Mods by pearlbhsims
    • Cheaper Incense
    • Early Retirement
    • No Auto Drink Bar and Globe
    • No Fumes Garlic
    • High Speed Internet No Energy
    • Butler Less Cooking
    • Butler No Bubble Baths
    • Vampire More Fulfilling Plasma Fruit Salad and Wrist Drinks
  • Mods updated by Rex (originally by brittpinkiesims)
    • Fashion Career
    • Funeral Mod
    • Graduation Mod
    • Harry Potter Traits
  • Mods by Simstopics @SimsWorkshop
    • Adoption Costs
    • ALL Walkstyles Disabled
    • Children/Toddlers Can Die of Anything – Re-updated 11/15/17
    • Faster Homework
    • Faster Retail Actions
    • Free/Half Priced Club Perks
    • Pregnancy Walkstyles Disabled (Standalone)

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These mods do not need an update, you can continue using them. Mods will only be put into this section when the creator has confirmed them compatible, or I have checked them myself.

  • Mods by itasan2 @MTS
    • Relax Butlers Mod
    • Anyone can Swipe Mod
  • Mods by JustAnotherSimsFan @Sims Asylum
    • More household starting funds
    • No angry and embarrassed alien discovery
    • No goals needed for school
    • No monster under the bed
  • Mods by LittleMsSam
    • Schoolproject is Fun
    • Preferendes Lot Traits
    • Sleep all Night
    • No Tiny Harvstables
    • Improved Night Light
    • Nu Puddle under Bath Tub
    • Flea Market appears every sunday
    • Forbidden Fruit fills Hunger Motive of PlantSims
    • Higher/Longer Payments for Apps/Games
    • Slower Painting
    • Herbalism | No Insects as Ingredients
    • Maid & Gardener Service
    • Temporary Earbuds & Sleeping Fix
  • Mods by Neia @MTS
    • Get a random number
    • No Culling
    • No More Same Sims Everywhere
    • No Skilling for Inactive Sims
  • Mods by pearlbhsims
    • Call Over Distance
    • Eat Harvestables More Gain
    • No Auto Grilling
    • Butler No Auto Globe Bar
    • Butler No Replacement
    • Vampire More Fulfilling Plasma Packs, Plasma Fruit and Plasma Jane
  • Mods by Simstopics @SimsWorkshop
    • Bad Grades Are Okay
    • Employees Stay 24 Hours
    • Pee Walkstyle Changed to Jog (Standalone)
    • Free/Half Priced Restaurant Perks
    • Free/Half Priced Retail Perks

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Reported to be Working

Mods listed here have not been confirmed compatible, however, they’re being reported as working. Still use with caution, they may or may not need an update.

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Unknown/Not Tested

These may or may not be ok to put back in your game, use at your own risk!

  • Mods by ReubenHood @MTS
    • No Goals Needed For School
    • Have Multiple BFFs
    • Sleep All Night
    • Those not listed will be added if/when needed
  • Mods by weerbesu @MTS
    • Party Anywhere
    • Those not listed will be added if/when needed

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Obsolete/No Longer Supported

These mods are broken and are either no longer needed or no longer being supported.

  • Grocery Store Mod by SMagGeorge
  • Teen Homework Fix by ukbucket
  • Mods by coolspear @Sims Asylum
    • cool1_fish_CatchFishFaster(Half)
    • cool1_jedidishes_DarthVSpecial
    • cool1_object_PermanentIncense&LessAutoSmell&NoFires_V1
    • cool1_puddles_EvaporationTime30min
    • cool1_puddles_FasterEvaporationTime
    • cool1_reworkedHottub_NapAlwaysVisible&AutoUse&MotiveBoosts_V1
    • cool1_reworkedHottub_NapAlwaysVisible&AutoUse&MotiveBoosts_V2
    • cool1_school_ChanceCardsNoPerformanceLoss
    • cool1_school_GradeSchoolDays_S1
    • cool1_school_GradeSchoolDays_S2
    • cool1_school_GradeSchoolDays_S2_NHW
    • cool1_school_HighSchoolDays_S1
    • cool1_school_HighSchoolDays_S2
    • cool1_school_HighSchoolDays_S2_NHW
    • And more, see full list here!

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