Origin Update: December 5th, 2017

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There’s a new update available in Origin: Version – 0

Version 10.5.8

  • If you right-click on the Origin icon in the systems tray, you expect it to do something even if you’re offline, right? Well, it didn’t use to but now it does. That’s fixed and will no longer disappoint your clicking expectations.
  • When the language was set to Japanese, the Origin installer would get a case of the hiccups and display Chinese characters instead of Japanese. We snuck up behind it and scared it. Hiccups cured!
  • The center of the screen is no place for the friends list, so we had the Origin In-Game overlay slide it over to the right, to the right.
  • There was an issue where the Great Game Guarantee refund period would start once you installed a game, rather than the first time you play it. No more false starts here!
  • Sims thrive in communities. So it helps that some Sims product pages are no longer missing the community creation section.


Version 10.5.7

  • We gave the Origin Access Vault page a tune up and threw some confetti over the whole thing. Now it has a better recommendation engine, a Coming Soon section and new tabs to help you identify what fresh games are about to consume your life.
  • Nobody puts the FPS counter in a corner. Okay, everybody does that, but no longer! Now you can change the size and transparency of the FPS window, and we made the counter lighter on its feet so it can handle frame spikes gracefully.
  • Some Origin Access members might notice the Origin Access menu teleported to a new spot in the navigation. That’s working as intended, and we’ll get back to you when we’re done tweaking the matter converter.
  • We had a few Origin Access trials that were so excited to become full games that they broke everything. We calmed them down and cleaned up the mess.
  • Called the exterminator on a few pesky 404s.
  • The download manager sometimes had control issues and wouldn’t let you reorder games in your queue. We’ve gotten it to behave.
  • Now when you save your web settings, the Origin web helper really saves them instead of forgetting they exist.
  • We made sure Origin stays open when you receive an important message, instead of staying minimized when you launch a game.
  • When you customized your settings to show Origin after closing a game, the client use to only do so when it felt like it. Now it gets that you mean all the time.
  • We tweaked our notifications so that when they say a game is available, clicking on the message will allow you to download the content. Because nothing should get between you and a new game.
  • Origin carousels were lying down on the job for a while and not loading properly. They’ve now seen the error of their ways and gotten back to work.